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The Cosmopolitan Casino-Hotel in Las Vegas has banned former NFL star O.J. Simpson from ever entering its premises, although the reason for this ban is unclear.

In early October, Simpson, 70, was released from prison after serving almost nine years of a 15-year sentence for armed robbery.

Simpson’s attorney says he was banned from the casino for no legitimate reason. He has never done anything that could be considered disorderly.

Despite this, the attorney for the hotel told KABC why Simpson was banned. “Cosmopolitan exercised its right to issue a trespass notice. Any private property in Nevada has the right to tell any person that you are trespassing and please don’t come back; if you come back, you are subject to a misdemeanor arrest.”

The TMZ Story

According to the celebrity news site TMZ, the reason Simpson was banned was that “O.J was belligerent with the staff members at the bar and started yelling and throwing glasses. That is when the security came and escorted him out of the building. It was quite obvious to many people that O.J was very intoxicated and that may have been the reason that he was banned from the hotel.”

But, the story keeps getting weirder. According to witnesses, all of Simpson’s friends had been drinking, but Simpson wasn’t. They say that Simpson stayed at the table and then quietly left after midnight.

According to Simpson’s attorneys, there was absolutely no proof that he was drunk or belligerent with anyone.

The ban: Was it legit?

Simpson has fallen out of grace in the eyes of many people because of his 1995 murder trial. He was charged in the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. Many people believed he was found innocent of a crime that he had actually committed.

cosmopolitan casinoThere are strong negative feelings against Simpson, and, as a result, his attorney believes because of this, and his negative public image, the hotel decided to ban him.

It has been speculated the hotel planned to ban Simpson even before he decided to go there.

There are many stories about his being banned from the hotel, and they are complicating the matter and making it difficult to know the real reason.

But, whatever the reason, it appears that Simpson won’t have the luxury of enjoying himself anytime soon.

O.J Simpson: Where is he now?

After being released from prison, Simpson can drink, but not excessively. He is subject to random testing whenever the state demands it. In addition, he has a probation officer with whom he must check in regularly.

KTNV said Simpson has taken all the necessary steps with his probation officer.

Now, Simpson resides in a gated community somewhere in Nevada. The owner of the gated community refused to say anything about its famous resident.

With this gated community being his new home, it seems that Simpson is still being kept a prisoner from the rest of the world. He is considered a pariah in the eyes of many.

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