gaming casino in Macau revenue drops

Macau is primarily known as the world’s number one destination for high-rolling gamblers. And it certainly lives up to its reputation. But now, the city focus is on Novotown; a new site in the Hengqin area, which will feature family-friendly attractions to entice non-gambling visitors.

Las Vegas tried to water down their reputation the same way in the past.  A few years ago, they began introducing more family-friendly casinos on the Strip. Within a couple of years however, gaming revenues plummeted, and they soon reverted to their old ways to bring the numbers back up.

“Gamblers started to bring their children to Las Vegas and instead of spending most of their time gambling — and losing their money — they now had to spend much of the time with their children outside the casino at the non-gaming activities,” explained Carl Borchgrevink, a director at Michigan State University.. “Children and casinos do not mix when we are talking about gaming revenues.”

This hasn’t swayed plans from giving Novotown a try though. The 14,764 square-foot site is already in the process of constructing 15 attractions which focus on science, education and the environment. Maybe if Vegas had taken the focus off the casinos to start with, the operation would have been a success. Only time will tell for Macau.


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