Man Brandishes Knife Over Gambling Woes in Wrexham

Gambling has caused people to experience a number of emotions. Many gamers are elated when they win a bet, especially if the jackpot is huge. However, some individuals tend to get angry or emotional when a bet doesn’t go well. Most gamblers who lose a bet will simply walk away from the betting site disappointed or even slightly angry. However, there are rare cases when bettors get too emotionally charged.

An Extreme Gambling Situation

John Paul WilsonThis past September, three police carrying tasers had to subdue a man carrying two knives. John Paul Wilson, 22, had to be told to “calm down” after causing a disturbance in Deganwy. Wilson also had an earlier hearing, where he admitted to charges of possessing knives sand affray.

Judge Timothy Petts ordered Wilson to spend 14 months in jail. Petts said that Wilson was “unpredictable, emotional and screaming and posed a serious risk.” The judge also pointed out that Wilson had two knives at the time of the incident and that “no one knew” what Wilson was “going to do with them.” Judge Petts stated that Wilson had both a six-inch blade and a nine-inch blade.

Further Information

It was revealed that Wilson threw the knives down at the beginning of the incident. The judge acknowledged this, but stated that the offense was very serious and needed to be addressed with a custodial sentence.

Ryan Rothwell, the prosecutor, stated that officers were called to the scene after someone reported a disturbance at a beach in Deganwy. Wilson was found there, screaming and shouting, holding both knives. The barrister also confirmed that the police officer instructed Wilson to calm down and put down the knives. Apparently, the officer repeated this several times, as evidenced by the bodycam footage.

After the officer tried to instruct Wilson to de-escalate the situation verbally, the officer told Wilson that he would taser him if he didn’t calm down. The officer then called for back-up. Additional officers arrived on the scene and Wilson was restrained and arrested.

Wilson’s Side of the Story

Sarah Yates, the defense attorney in the case, stated that Wilson was quick to admit that the footage of himself during the incident was “frightening.” Yates also stated that Wilson knew that it was inevitable that he would be arrested for his actions. He also wanted to apologize to the officers involved, and to all the people who witnessed the incident.

Help for Gambling Addiction

gambling addictionIt is believed that some individuals react this way to losing gambling bets due to a gambling addiction. Losing large sums of money can sometimes evoke fear and anger in people. These individuals may not realize that they are behaving in a dangerous manner until it’s too late. In Wilson’s case, he admitted that he behaved in a frightening manner. However, he wasn’t able to see this until after he was apprehended. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident. However, every situation doesn’t end this way.

It’s best to be aware of the signs of a gambling addiction so that circumstances like this can be avoided. For instance, if you or a loved one continuously wager larger amounts of money to achieve the same “high” that comes from gambling, this is a sign of addiction. Wagering more money that one can afford and feeling tremendous amounts of stress or anxiety after gambling is also indications of a bigger problem.

As with most addictions, there are counseling and therapy services for gambling addiction. Professional help can show gamblers how to put themselves and others in danger as a result of gambling. Therapy can also help an individual uncover the reasons behind their gambling and find healthy ways to deal with their thoughts and emotions.

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