Casino Chips

Ronnie E. Lewis, 62, was arrested on charges of using counterfeit casino chips to try and cash out $600 from the Del Lago Casino in New York. Investigators stated that Lewis altered a number of casino chips in such a way as to allow him to trade them in for cash.

Felony Charges

Lewis faces felony charges of criminal possession of a forged instrument in the second degree, which is a Class D felony in New York. He also faces a Class E felony for using an unlawful gaming property. As a non-violent offender, Lewis faces a sentence of no jail time with added probation, or incarceration up to 7 years, depending on the judgement of the court.

The judgement of the court depends on whether or not the perpetrator is a first-time offender or a career criminal. And since Lewis was arrested for the chip counterfeiting caper immediately after being released from jail on another offense, it seems likely that he did not in fact learn his lesson in jail the first time.

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