Mid Round Golf Gambling Could Hit Markets by 2020

The week of November 2, 2018, was one of the busiest for sports gambling since the decision made by the US Supreme Court in May. Publicly traded gambling companies are also gearing up to make substantial earnings during this season. However, there are two states – Rhode Island and Pennsylvania — that aren’t quite on board with sports gaming just yet. Gaming has long been a discussion across the betting and sports industries, particularly because gaming could prove to be lucrative for various sports corporations.

There are also certain sports and gambling partnerships that are likely to move both industries forward. Golf gambling is becoming increasingly popular. It’s possible that betting on golf could become especially popular in 2020. This is largely due to the fact that the Ryder Cup will take place that year, and more bets are expected to be waged.

Why Sports and Betting Go Together

There was a time when the sporting industry was a little skeptical about betting. Those in positions of leadership wanted to know that gaming could actually be beneficial. It seems this probationary period is over. Recently, the gaming and sports industries are embracing each other in a way that will likely be beneficial for both parties. At the team and league levels, sports teams will probably see substantial profits. There are also several states where sports betting is still being looked at skeptically, and this includes golf betting. However, the numbers are proving that golf betting could actually be a positive thing.

Some States Are Still Opposed to Sports Betting

sports gamblingIn New York, a judge stated that fantasy sports are a form of gambling. The judge also asserted that the law doesn’t classify fantasy sports as “games of skill” and that gambling in such games is a violation of the state constitution. An anti-gambling group was able to effectively argue that lawmakers are not permitted to pass anti-gambling laws without the approval of voters. New York will appeal the decision, but at the moment, sports betting is still an illegal practice in the state.

In September, Nevada had a great month in terms of sports betting. The state is notorious for gambling, since Las Vegas is one of the most popular casino hubs in the world. Bookers collected $571 million in wagers and about $56 million in earnings. These are all-time records for Nevada; the state has offered legal betting for sports since the 1940s.

Virginia is starting to make independent decisions when it comes to sports betting. There are new efforts for gambling legislation that will likely last through the first part of 2019. This puts Virginia in close competition with the District of Columbia in terms of sports betting.

On the other hand, the legislature in Colorado is slowing down on sports betting. The attorney general for the state asserts that this is not necessarily legal. Those who create the laws for Colorado say that it’s best to leave the matter of sports betting in the hands of voters.

Golf Betting for Novice Gamblers

The Case for Golf and Mobile Sports BettingEven if you don’t play golf, you can bet on the game if you follow a few simple steps. Of course, the process will likely be easier if you’ve already bet on other games. It’s most common to put money down on a golfer before the tournament starts. Take a look at the odds posted by the sportsbook, so that you can place your bets according to these odds. For instance, if you bet $10 on golfer Dustin Johnson at 10-1 odds to win the BMW Championship and Johnson wins, you win $100.

It’s been further proven that golf betting has been picking up over the years because large corporations like Turkish Airlines has gotten in on the betting. 2018 betting odds have recently been released. Expert tips for betting include placing wagers on athletes, including Lee Westwood and Matt Wallace.

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