In the old days, we had to make a big production of traveling to a land-based casino to get our game on. But in the internet age, online casinos became all the rage. Most online casinos have a home software version plus a mobile casino which you can play in a browser.

With the aid of mobile tech, we have finally cut the cord, and the nearest casino is traveling with you in your pocket. Whenever the urge to win some real money online strikes, all you need is an internet connection and your phone.

In the UK, mobile gaming is especially popular. According to the UK Gambling Commission, 40% of the UK’s total gambling money is generated through mobile gaming apps offered by online casinos. And that number is expected to exceed 50% by 2020.

When the U.S. repealed the ban on sports betting in 2018, this allowed for UK gambling companies to enter into the American market. However, the U.S. online gambling market is still expanding, and the UK is facing its own controversy with loot boxes in video games being seen as gambling.

As the UK is still lurking in the shadows of a murky Brexit deal, any bans on gambling will not likely affect the mobile betting market, as operators already operate offshore where gambling companies find safe haven.

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