There has been car racing in Kentucky before most people had cars. In fact, many Kentuckians raced cars from their childhood forward. This is especially true of those people who grew up in the Kentucky hills outrunning the revenues who wanted to either tax the stuff or ban it entirely. From those revenuer runs in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and West Virginia came the birth of dirt track racing.


nascarNASCAR, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, became a way for stock car racing tracks throughout the South to band together and holds races at certain times of the year. The largest stock car race would be held at the beginning of the season in February. For a long time NASCAR was opposed to gambling on car racing. However, the company is gradually moving towards allowing gambling at their tracks. One of the tracks where gambling may make an appearance is at the Kentucky Speedway. Rather than a sports bet, fans will get a chance to play a lottery-style action game.

The Game

Earlier this month the group that owns the Kentucky Speedway entered into an agreement with the makers of a lottery game to increase excitement for the sport of racing. The agreement between Speedway Motorsports, which owns nine racetracks total, and EquiLottery gaming will be the first of its kind in the nation.

The game is played lottery style. Customers are given a ticket with car numbers randomly selected on each ticket. Each ticket will cost $5. If the customer gets the right combination of car numbers depending on how they place in the race, they win cash prizes, which can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. The game will be called “Car Cash.”

Each ticket will have three driver numbers on the ticket. If any one of the three drivers listed on the ticket win, players get money. If two drivers on the ticket finish in the top two, wagerers get more money. If all three drivers finish in the top three, more money is paid out. If a player is lucky enough to have the three drivers finish in the exact order on the ticket, the ticket is considered a grand prizewinner. The grand prize is projected to be $50,000, but it will depend on how many people are playing the game that day. Car Cash is based on the pari-mutuel system, which means the pool of money paid to the grand prizewinner and other winners is shared among the pool of winners. 423

About EquiLottery

EquiLotteryEquiLottery began as a start-up lottery company in 2009. They developed a horse racing lottery game for use at racetracks called Win, Place, or Draw. This game, much like the Car Cash game under development, allows players to get a ticket that looks very much like a lottery ticket. These tickets are used in the same way the Car Cash tickets are used, with the same kinds of odds, and the same types of cash prizes. As with Car Cash, if the ticket for a single race game has all the horses come in in the order they appear on the ticket, the winner is eligible for the grand prize. The company is currently beta-testing Win, Place, or Draw at several racetracks around the country to make sure it is ready for the open market. The Kentucky Lottery has already given approval for the horse racing tracks to use Win, Place, or Draw as part of their pari-mutuel betting system.

If all goes well, Kentucky gamers should have two new games to play at their local race tracks. If they love the horses, they can play Win, Place, or Draw. If they love car racing, they can play Car Crash. It is hoped that both games will be online by the end of the year.

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