A guitar-shaped casino resort is about to change Florida forever

The Seminole Tribe is about to bring us one of the most unique (and expensive) casinos the U.S. has ever seen. Shaped like a guitar and built almost exclusively of striking blue glass, the new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Florida is built to impress.

At a cost of a shocking $1.5-billion, the new project will have over 3,000 slot machines and a casino floor that sits over 7,000. Marcellus Osceola, council chairman of the Seminole in Florida, recently talked about the project and what it means for the tribe to go ahead with the project, “We’re very thankful and we’re blessed to be in a position that we can provide the general welfare and the help and assistance that tribe members need.”

The Seminole have played an important role since first entering the gaming industry in 1979 with a single bingo hall. Since then, casinos have become the main source of income for the 4000+ Seminole that live in Florida. The tribe shares earnings with anybody who has at least 25% Seminole blood.

Today, the Seminole manage some of the biggest and most successful casinos in the country. A 2016 estimate by Forbes shows that this comes up to a yearly average of $128,000 for every person from the time they’re born. 

The casinos are also a big source of revenue for the state. The Seminole tribe is currently paying the state of Florida $350 million every year in revenues.

What the New Project Looks Like

Last week, the guitar part of the resort officially opened its doors, along with a refurbished venue for concerts that debuted this past Friday with a Maroon 5 concert. The 450-feet-tall guitar-shaped hotel offers 600 rooms and is illuminated in a way that the guitar strings seem to be playing on as the sun sets.  

Jim Allen, CEO of Seminole Gaming, is excited about the new project and ready for the next step, adding that “the Hard Rock brand is stronger today than it ever has been.”

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