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LaBa – a name that pays homage to an 1800s Chinese gambler famous for his uncanny luck – is set to change the way readers access the latest news, developments, and changes in the sports industry. Rather than having to scour the internet for tips and opinion, LaBa360 is hoping to become a one-stop shop resource for everything sports. No need to waste time on multiple sites when they can have everything right in one spot in the most visible, clearest way possible and just a few clicks away.

How does this connect to you? Well, here’s where you get lucky. LaBa has just confirmed an EPL shirt sponsorship deal to coincide with the start of the Premier League season — and it’s celebrating the deal with a one-of-a-kind promotion offering 10 lucky players a chance to grab a VIP day out they’ll never forget.

The ‘Party Like a Boss’ contest will offer one lucky winner and nine of his friends the chance to grab seats at the Director’s box at Laba360’s partner football club for the sponsorship party launch. Winners will also receive transport to and from the stadium and a chance to enjoy food and drinks for a complete Match Day Experience.

For a chance to win, all you need to do is guess which EPL team is getting a new sponsor. Take a look at the hints below and then give it your best shot through LaBa360’s Facebook page or Twitter feed. Get it right to get the season started on the right foot – and win big before your favorite team even starts kicking the ball around!

Ready to play? Here are the hints:

Hint 1: Some of the players from the lucky team are in the World Cup right now, hoping to bring the gold trophy home for England.

Hint 2: While the entire club had an amazing 2017-18 season, the luckiest team member is in the national squad, actively playing in the Russia FIFA World Cup right now – and that’s in addition to a few other players currently on standby and potentially joining in for the win.

Bonus Hint: The player who’s currently active in the national team might just be one of the luckiest guys around – not only is he representing his country, but he’s also a long way from where he was playing not that long ago.

Think you have the right answer? Share it with us before July 1st and you and your friends could be on your way to the Director’s VIP Box for the party of the decade! And yes, the beers are on us!

Enter the contest now at

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