Park MGM

The Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas has been officially replaced by the new Park MGM, and there is more to the transformation than just the name.

The more than $450 million remodeling plan continues, with the latest addition being the Moneyline Sports Bar and Book.

The new facility boasts 9,000 square feet of space and it is where the restaurant, bar, and sportsbook are located. It is quite comparable to the sportsbook and restaurant in Lagasse’s Stadium at The Palazzo.

Let’s have a look inside the sports bar and sportsbook

Sports BarThe sports bar has a very cozy feel to it. And, it is welcoming, especially to the more chilled out clientele, because it is closed off from all the action and hustle and bustle of the casino floor. It is also a smoking-restricted zone. That means, if you are a nonsmoker, you can be assured that you will be in an environment that is smoke-free during your time in the sports bar.

Upon entering the facility, the first thing that you will notice is the betting desk, which is quite small when compared with the ones in the other areas in the resort. The Moneyline features close to four dozen TV screens, if not more, all of which are located overhead. The main room is huge. It has the capacity to hold around 300 patrons comfortably. Most of the TVs in the venue are also found in this space. Surrounding the bar is a series of booths and cocktail tables that can hold bigger groups of people.

An official description of the venue says it is a sports bar that will serve as a refined, casual, and social spot for guests who seek the best in sporting entertainment with a classic American sports bar aesthetic. It includes vintage leather booths and a brass and marble bar, as well as seating that allows you to see from all angles.

Food options at the Moneyline

MoneylineThe dining menu, which was conceptualized by the restaurant group Hogsalt Hospitality, offers dining options that are affordable and quick. Diners can choose between a grilled menu or a weigh-and-pay menu. This type of menu allows guests put food on their plates and be charged by the pound for their selections, And, the selections can include items, such as a variety of select-made chicken wings, steaks, and chilis.

The description from a current Moneyline Survey described the kitchen as offering a variety of well-known American favorite foods, including “freshly prepared salads” and “the best burgers in town.”

With the publicity it has received so far, and the vast array of gaming options available, including pro and college football and basketball, golf, tennis, etc., the Moneyline promises it will be the place to be for the gaming enthusiast while in Las Vegas.

Directions to the Money Line

From the main entrance of the new Park MGM, you would need to enter the resort and walk through the lobby. Once you enter the casino area, walk straight. Go through the casino and you will see the Moneyline on your left.

If you are coming from Las Vegas Boulevard, you will enter the resort from that direction and keep walking to your right. Continue walking straight through the casino and you will see the Moneyline on your right.

From the Park Theater, proceed to walk out of the theater to the opposite end of the casino floor. Once you reach the other side of the casino, continue walking straight and you will see the Moneyline on your right.

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