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A new bill passed in Pennsylvania allows gamblers across the state to have more freedom. House Bill 271 permits the use of online-casino gaming, truck-stop gambling, and online gambling.

Reviving the Economy

Although Pennsylvania is in the No. 2 state in the country for commercial casinos, a law was passed that will allow for various types of gambling in the state. Lawmakers hope the state’s current financial problems will be solved with the newly passed regulations.

To operate gaming tables and slots via mobile apps and online, casinos have the option to pay the state a $10 million fee. The biggest casinos in the state have the option to bid on satellite casino licenses, which start at $7.5 million. The license will allow for 30 table games and 750 slot machines that are not within a 25-mile radius of another casino. Gambling losses that are taxed and the casino license fees will all go toward local government projects, property tax rebates, and into the state’s bank account.

New Gambling Regulations

House Bill 271 expands various areas of the casino industry. These areas include lottery, online gambling, sports betting, fantasy sports, resort casinos, truck stop and airport gambling, and local shares. Daily fantasy sports betting is now taxed and regulated by the state. Operators will need to verify that players are 18 or older. Once made legal under federal law, casinos will be able to apply for a sports-betting license for their casinos or online, which will cost $10 million. Provided the airports come to an agreement with a casino, they will then be allowed to run an interactive-gambling parlor at both regional or international airports within the state.

To operate a local share, casinos would be required to pay annual fees that would be upwards of $140 million. The Pennsylvania Lottery is permitted to offer raffle games, keno, and instant tickets, as well as existing and online games. Casinos that hold licenses are eligible to apply for casino gambling games that run on mobile apps and websites. Video gambling terminals will also be authorized at truck stops that are qualified to run them. Only five machines maximum are allowed and if the truck stop is within a county that has a casino, the county is allowed to ban the machines.

Other Bills Passed

House Bill 271 was one of three bills passed recently. Other bills included House Bill 16, and Senate Bill 785. House Bill 16, which began Jan 1, 2018, changed the way taxpayers’ payments are collected. Tax collectors are no longer allowed to receive payments. Instead, they are now required to open up a bank amount for the sole purpose of collecting taxes. This account would need to be created in the name of the title, municipality, or office in which the taxes are being collected. Tax collectors can find information on the updated way to write the payments on tax notices sent to them.

Owners of golf carts also have new regulations. However, they are very beneficial. Senate Bill 785 allows those who own golf carts or other utility vehicles to drive them on public roads. However, the vehicles can only go as far as 1 mile and can only do so if the vehicle is in use at certain locations, such as golf courses, college campuses, or resorts. These actions are permitted even if the vehicle is not yet registered. Vehicles allowed to go as far as 2 miles on public highways include EMS, police cars, and fire trucks. They can also use their sirens and lights. This bill goes into effect on Jan. 29.

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