Off-Track Sports Betting Finally Coming to Norco

An off-track horse racing venue will be coming to a California town by 2019, after years of delay. No one understands why it has taken so long. Norco is a horse racing town full of people who love horses. In addition, the majority of people who live in Norco want off-track betting. The delay has caused a lot of anger within the community. The community believes if the majority wants off-track betting, there should be no problem getting a place to place bets.

Norco, California

Norco, California

From its beginnings, Norco has been a horse town. The town was named Norco after a land company that owned much of the land Norco sits on—the North Corona Land Company. Norco was formed as a community of horse lovers. In fact, its housing codes call for houses with a Western theme and that are equestrian friendly. There are about 27,000 residents in the community. The vast majority of people in Norco own horses—in fact there are only a handful of people in the town who don’t own a horse of some kind. Norco is home to horse trainers, veterinarians, breeders, and jockeys, as well as horse farms and horse training facilities. The town hopes the off-track betting facility will create more jobs in the community, and add tax revenues.

Off-Track Betting

Off-Track BettingOff-track betting began in Nevada and New York in the early 1970s. The hope was that off-track betting would increase the revenues for the racetracks while decreasing illegal gambling on horse races. Off-track betting venues have been extremely successful in some areas in California and the Northeast. They pull in revenues around $150 million a year. However, there are also locations, most notably in New York, where off-track betting was not successful. In fact, in its final year of operation, off-track betting operated at a loss of nearly $80 million.

Off-track betting allows people to bet on races that have already occurred or other racetracks around the world. For example, off-track betting in Louisiana can take place at casino locations and allows people to bet on horseraces statewide.

The New Development

The new development in Norco will open in the former location of a Security Pacific Bank. It will have new, high-end features that will distinguish it from other off-track betting locations. Other locations have been considered seedy and sloppy by horse racing enthusiasts. The development is a completely different kind of venue than other off-track betting locations. The new building is going to be about 10,000 square feet in total. Most of the building will not even be an off-track betting location. Two-thirds of the facility will be a high-end bar and steakhouse called “Striders.” The steaks will be grilled to perfection, and the entire look of the place will be sleek and top shelf.

There will also be a small venue for off-track betting. The area will be age-restricted and will have banks of television screens that show horse races from all over the world. The venue will also have a small betting kiosk for bettors. It is hoped that the new venue will be successful. Citizens of Norco have wanted a high-end place to watch horse races and place bets on races around the world.

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