The famous marquee of the Palms Casino, which has stood on the property for 17 years, was taken down as part of the renovation of the property.

A Major Change

The Palms is currently renovating its property, which is on the Las Vegas Strip. It will include a total of $450 million, which will go toward new dining, recreational, and venue additions. Expansion to its current facilities will also take place as part of renovations. The sign, which has been up since 2001, was taken down after an announcement last year that the casino was set to undergo renovations on the entire property. The marquee was taken down letter by letter. The process started with the giant “M” in honor of George Maloof Jr., the first owner of the casino. A new sign will replace the original one but will not be completed and installed until later in the year.

Jon Gray, the general manager of the Palms, explained to News 3 Las Vegas that they intend to “bring the fun and energy back” to the Palms. He added the revamping of the establishment will help to take things “to a much more elevated level.” The renovations are scheduled to be completed by May.

Revamping and Renovations

Changes to the property first started in 2017, after operator Station Casinos bought the establishment. The operator disclosed the renovation process, which includes adding 60 new rooms and the remodeling of 282 existing rooms in the Palms Fantasy Tower. Other additions include a 73,000-square-foot pool club fit to accommodate 5,000 visitors, and a 23,000-square-foot nightclub. Both of these will be overseen by Tao Group. A 15,000-square-foot convention area will also undergo renovations along with The Pearl Theater, which houses 2,600 guests. Enhanced dining experiences are also in the works. The Palms has plans to welcome new restaurants and world-famous chefs, including Bobby Flay, Michael Symon, and Marc Vetri. A salon and spa facility is also going to be included and will feature 16 rooms for treatment, as well as various fitness rooms.

More Changes to Come

Even more changes are set to come to Vegas. Wynn Resorts is currently working on a project called Paradise Park. The park will reportedly feature “Carnivale-based” attractions, including a carousel, flashing lights, and a variety of interactive attractions. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Wynn said the new project will take “the theme of Carnivale” and “turn it on its edge” and ultimately create “a series of attractions.” He also says the luxurious park will have “interactive experiences,” which will be familiar to guests because the park will “in some way have roots” in what we have seen in carnivals as we grew up.

The new addition is sure to be a big hit with guests. It celebratory features will certainly attract a lot of new guests. Among its attractions, Wynn says, are “10 to 12 floats in an audio-visual parade.” The parade is set to occur “every night after dark.” He described the parade as a “musical and visual extravaganza,” except, according to Wynn, it will be “much edgier.” Among the visuals included in the parade will be “huge spiders with spider webs and King Kong.” The park is also said to feature activities, such as zip-lining, a boardwalk, and a large lagoon measuring 700 feet wide and 1,600 feet in length. The boardwalk, which will be 1 mile in length, will enclose the body of water and be the connecting point for the Encore tower and the Wynn tower. Wynn also expressed hope for potential future plans should a partner come along. There will be about 60 acres left to develop in the park.