There is good news for iPhone users in Pennsylvania. They will now be capable of undertaking all their gambling needs at the comfort of their phones. However, all these will be within state lines.

In an announcement from SugarHouse operators Rush Street Interactive, SugarHouse will be the first mobile sportsbook that will be made available to Apple users in the region. The announcement came after the launch of SugarHouse’s online casino in the state of Pennsylvania.

SugarHouse debuts gambling for Apple users

In a press release from Rush Street, Richard Schwartz, the president, announced that mobile betting would be available on both and websites. He also expressed his excitement, saying that their company is glad that Apple users will be able to enjoy their wide range of in-game and pre-game bets at the comfort of their phones.

He further added that is the only betting site in Pennsylvania that enables Apple users to enjoy gambling on their devices comfortably. “As we launch our casino site today, we are excited to offer Apple users a way to enjoy the innovative experiences we offer by betting from their mobile devices in Pennsylvania. We’re pleased that players with Apple mobile devices will be able to use the mobile web to play with,” he said.
Normally, Apple and gambling are not known to co-exist. However, in early June, Apple made a surprising announcement stating that charitable donations, real money gaming, or lottery was banned in all HTML5 platforms. This also meant that the majority of gaming apps would not function. Apple reported that it would be removing all non-compliant apps from its platform by Sept 3.

The aftermath of Apple’s restrictions

As a result, Rush Street decided to come up with an alternative method of dealing with the situation by designing a workaround around the problem. One of their key solutions was to use an Apple-native geofencing app that would be capable of tracking locations, therefore, preventing outside players from gambling on the platform. The information would be run through the Apple mobile versions, thereby eliminating the need for using other apps.
The introduction of Rush Street interaction in the Apple market was deemed to have numerous benefits. Firstly, it will provide a massive to the revenue that would be made known in a couple of months. Statistics reveal that Apple and iPhone make up about a third of the entire mobile users in the market. Like the scenario of DraftKings sports betting in New Jersey, getting ahead of any given market poses huge benefits.

There is a likelihood that Rush Street Interactive will not be the only online gambling website on Apple platforms. On Monday, Hollywood Casino and Parx entered the online casino market, SugarHouse entered soon after.

GeoTracking software

GeoTracking software will be fundamental for the optimum performance of betting sites on all iPhone devices. However, players will be required to download Location Validator. Users can easily find it at the Apple app store. Additionally, it will run in the background and significantly work on ensuring that players conduct their gambling activities within the required state lines. Failure to do that, they will risk breaking the law on possible Wire Ac-related violations.
For easier access to the software, GeoGuard app is availed on the and websites, thereby, directing players to the official Apple app page. It will direct players back to their browsers once the software is set up. By using this walk around, Rush Street ensured that their players would not be affected by the new Apple restrictions.


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