Police Crackdown on Gambling In Laredo, Arrest 10

The victim of a kidnapping was returning to her car, parked in the Wind Creek Casino garage in the mid-afternoon, when she was confronted by an attacker. He demanded that she handed over any money, saying he had a gun – then kicking her when she didn’t respond fast enough.

When she yelled that she didn’t have any money, the attacker forced her to get behind the wheel and leave the garage. According to the victim, she was then forced to drive around the city with no obvious route or destination in sight.

After demanding money again, the suspect hit her and took her purse before fleeing.

Because she was able to provide an accurate description and aided by the garage’s security cameras, the police were able to locate the suspect. He had been hiding inside a parked vehicle he had broken into.

Although he first denied ever being near the casino, he soon changed his story and said he had been in the casino but not the garage. He kept denying ever seeing the victim. He’s now sitting in the Northampton County Jail, waiting for a court date. A local judge set his bail at $1 million, basically ensuring he wouldn’t be able to get out and flee again.

The suspect, identified as Hykeem Rasmeen Sessoms from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has been charged with kidnapping, robbery, theft, and assault, among other things, according to the local prosecutor’s office. The victim received multiple small injuries from the hits to her head and the kick to her leg. She was quickly treated and released without any obvious complications.

Sessoms has a preliminary court hearing scheduled on December 26th, where the judge will decide what the next step will be and hear from the defendant’s lawyer.

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