Police Seek ID of Suspect Who Robbed Thousands from Casino

For the second time this year, the Circus Circus Casino has been the target of a violent crime. Last month, the casino cage, which is where money is traded for chips, was the target of an armed robbery.

The Latest Crime

Early in the morning in late August, a man approached the cashier’s cage at Circus Circus. He showed the cashier a gun and demanded money. The cashier complied with the robber’s demands and put the money on the counter. The casino instructs the cashiers to do so. The casino has not said how much money the robber took. However, many cash cages have thousands of dollars or more on hand, depending on when cash drops are. The suspect grabbed the money, hurriedly left the casino and got into a light-colored sports utility vehicle or crossover. Witnesses saw the vehicle head south on Las Vegas Boulevard and possibly west on Spring Mountain Road. While the police have video footage of the robber, he has still not been caught.

Circus Circus Casino

Circus Circus Las Vegas

Circus Circus Casino opened 50 years ago. It is home to the largest permanent big top in the world. The casino offers 125,000 square feet of gaming space. It has 2,000 slots and 60 table games, as well as a racing and sports-book. The casino has billed itself as a family casino. It contains an amusement park, arcade-themed games, a water park, and daily circus acts. Circus Circus has gone through many owners and financing issues in the past. But, the casino is currently owned by MGM Entertainment.

Previous issues at Circus Circus

There have been incidents at Circus Circus Casino in the past. In 1993, two people robbed the casino of nearly $3 million in cash that should have gone to the bank. Instead, the money went into an armored truck. Police never recovered the money. Heather Tallchief and Roberto Solis, who were romantically involved, were behind the heist. Tallchief was the getaway driver for the Loomis truck. She managed to drive away from the casino and into oblivion. Tallchief’s boyfriend had already been convicted of the murder of an armored car driver. He spent nearly 20 years in prison. He implored his girlfriend to get the job at Loomis in order to get the money.

Once he and Tallchief were free and had the money, he left her in Europe. She turned herself in and spent time in prison. Neither Solis or the stolen money have even been found.

Earlier this summer, two people were the victims of stabbings in their hotel rooms at the casino. They eventually died. The two victims were the owner of a Vietnamese tour company and her assistant. They and a group of people were to visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon at the time of the murders. Police discovered the bodies when they did not show up to conduct a tour of the Grand Canyon. Police released a video of the suspect, and eventually caught him.

The police have stated the crime committed by the suspect is nothing new. In fact, many casinos have suffered from the same type of crime, and the motive is usually robbery. The victims usually carry cash in order to pay for entry fees into various tourist attractions. Burglars know that many casinos, especially the older ones, have doors that do not close fully. They push on the doors at the casino’s hotel rooms to test and see if the doors latch properly. The Circus Circus Casino, as well as other casinos, has stated it will step up security measures. Security measures are in place so all of the casino patrons feel safe and protected while gaming at the casinos.

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