Richard Flint is the boss of the leading online betting firms in the whole country. He now says that the industry should think about funding an assortment of gambling treatment centers.

The Industry Has Not Done Enough


While speaking to the BBC News, Flint took time to give his honest opinion in regards to the gambling market. Flint, who has just completed his term as the Chairman of Sky Betting and Gaming – Skybet feels that the gambling market has not done enough to check after the problem gamblers. Up to this month of June, Flint has been working at the top leadership role of Skybet. He went ahead to state that the market should think about funding a series of gambling treatment centers.

The statement by the outgoing Chief Executive Officer and chair of Skybet has come at a very critical time. The regulators and the national health stakeholders of the United Kingdom are in the process of bringing some new changes to the market. They are currently reviewing how to come up with better support structures for containing problem gambling. Flint thinks that the market should come up with better structures to curb the health issues faced by gamblers.

The Introduction of a New Wellness Levy

As all these continue to happen, new pressure is building upon the UK’s main gambling body. The UK Gambling Commission, UKGC, is now considering the introduction of a wellness levies. The levy will be introduced only on licensed operators, and this will come with new changes. First, the industry will be forced to pay for the development of the United Kingdom gambling research works. It will also pay for the treatment and the prevention causes.

For some time now, this has become one of the leading agendas for betting leadership. Some of the tier-one operators have gone ahead to create funding meant for restructuring and educating the disciplines. The operators include William Hill, GVC Holdings, and Sky Bet.

Flint’s Achievements at the Helm of Leadership

While at the helm of Skybet leadership, Richard Flint introduced a number of improvements in the whole market. He is also behind the introduction of the 4-point plan that the bookmarker used to achieve quite a lot. The four-point project helped in a number of areas, including corporate responsibility. This made Skybet the first UK’s bookmarker to introduce a serious social responsibility program on gambling dangers.

NHC has also been in the forefront towards ensuring that gambling addiction is dealt with accordingly. Just this summer, the body is expected to open a gambling addiction center. This will be the second of that kind, and it will be dealing with gambling addiction. The treatment center will have its main operation in the SkyBet’s home city of Leeds. It is important to note that Richard Flint has fully supported this development. It shows how the outgoing Skybet chairperson has been working to ensure that things get to normalcy in the whole market.

Flint states that he has personally visited a gambling addiction treatment center in the past. This gave him a first-hand experience of what goes on in the treatment centers. He has witnessed the devastation that gambling addiction has caused the victims and their loved ones. That is why it brings too much joy to hear that Leeds is introducing a new treatment center. This will forever remain one of the most significant steps in the whole gambling market. However, Flint has another opinion in regards to how the whole matter should be handled. He feels that there should be a much bigger network of treatment centers henceforth.


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