Reports have surfaced of a 2005 settlement between Steve Wynn and his manicurist that also involved a paternity suit.

Unsettling News

Reports have recently come to light about casino mogul Wynn and a 2005 settlement paid to an ex-staffer employed at a Wynn casino in Vegas. The new details emerged not long after shocking allegations were brought against the casino tycoon. Many workers at his casinos claimed they were sexually harassed by the billionaire. The settlement allegedly included a paternity suit by the manicurist who, according to reports, went into Wynn’s office for a private appointment and was allegedly told by Wynn to take her clothes off. Wynn then allegedly requested the woman have sex with him, which she initially declined to do. Eventually, however, she did after he continued to pressure her.

Following the incident, the woman contacted human resources and filed a complaint.

A settlement was then paid to her by Wynn in the amount of $7.5 million.

History of Misconduct

This incident is one of many to have surfaced about the casino mogul behaving inappropriately toward his employees. While Wynn has denied any claims of sexual misconduct, more employees have come forward with allegations of inappropriate behavior. Another employee, who works as a massage therapist, said Wynn would often pressure her to give him “happy ending” massages. Other complaints included Wynn wearing extremely revealing shorts while walking around in front of employees.

It is also alleged that Wynn would receive “happy ending” massages in exchange for a large tip and has even gone as far as touching himself in front of one employee. The employees would reportedly do what they could to stay away from Wynn. Some would hide in the restroom or even book fake appointments with clients. Many said he made them extremely uncomfortable and afraid. More allegations continue to arise, including one woman who was a first-time grandmother. Back in the 1980s, she claims Wynn pressured her into being intimate with him. According to the New York Post, the casino tycoon told her he’d never been with a woman who was a grandmother and he wanted to “see how it feels.” This particular incident was revealed back in 1997, as well as others, who, at the time, were preparing to sue Wynn.

The Aftermath

Wynn seems to have taken quite a hit since the sexual harassment accusations first came to light. It’s reported shares in the casino mogul’s properties have dropped by 10 percent. On top of this, more recently, two police reports were filed against the mogul by two women who alleged sexual misconduct from the businessman. The incidents initially took place back in the 1970s. Unfortunately, because the statute of limitations is 20 years, authorities won’t move forward with investigating them. There are not many details surrounding the incidents other than one took place in Chicago and the other assault occurred in Las Vegas, according to

There are several investigations underway of Wynn by various regulators, including the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and regulators in Nevada and Macau. Despite a total of 150 people coming forward, Wynn denies any allegations of sexual harassment. He says it’s just simply not true, and “preposterous” that he would do that to women. He also adds people “make allegations regardless of the truth.” Wynn also says his ex-wife, Elaine, was the cause of the allegations. The two are currently in the middle of “a terrible and nasty lawsuit.” However, his ex-wife says that could not be further from the truth. She has had nothing to do with any of the claims made against Wynn.


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