Sports Gambling Could Be Coming to Kansas Bars and Smart Phones

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to legalize sports betting has been in effect for almost six months. A number of states have made changes to their gambling regulations to allow sports fans to bet on their favorite teams. The Supreme Court decision has also allowed several businesses, such as sports bars and restaurants, to offer gambling options to sports fans while they watch a game. Allowing gambling could present a number of benefits for states since the money can fund initiatives that will improve communities.  However, Kansas residents are wondering if the law will be implemented in their state soon.

Kansas and Missouri lawmakers are expected to explore this issue further in early 2019. Last year, bills were introduced in both states. However, the bills didn’t gain considerable tractions because they were introduced before the Supreme Court ruling.

Sports Betting Proposals in Kansas and Missouri

Sports Betting ProposalsThe proposal for Missouri meant that gamblers were only allowed to place bets at riverboat casinos. There was also a version of this bill in Kansas. The bill will likely be filed again in 2019 with more conditions to make gambling more accessible to Kansas residents.

At McGuire’s Tavern, a facility in Overland Park, KS, people are both enthralled in the sports game on TV and watching the screen for their Keno numbers. McGuire’s owner Mike Ray said “we don’t make a lot of money off it. But it keeps people here, and it gives them something to do, and it’s fun.”

More Gaming Proposals

There’s an additional Kansas lottery gaming proposal that could generate a lot more business for sports bars. State Rep. Jan Kessinger, who is a resident of Overland Park, debuted the bill earlier in 2018.

Kessinger states, “I think one of the keys to the success of sports betting in Kansas would be to make it accessible widespread. She also says that most people are fine with reserving gaming to casinos, but that it’s not practical to have sports betting at only four Kansas locations. Kessinger is working to extend sports gaming to sports bar that offer Keno; the game is provided by the Kansas Lottery.

Regarding the process of providing more gaming options to Kansas gambler, Ray says “it would be fabulous. It would encourage business. It would just blow up.”

Mobile Gambling In Kansas

Mobile Gambling In KansasKessinger also shares that legislators will explore the idea of making sports gambling available on mobile devices. She says that this could get more people involved in Kansas sports. When it comes to in-game bets, Kessinger says “…that’s something that needs to be addressed and considered do we allow that or not.”

On the other hand, some Kansas residents say that mobile gambling could pose a huge temptation for gambling addicts. This is largely due to the fact that mobile apps used for gambling could make gaming extremely accessible. Bar patron Jim Lilleston says “I can see where that would be a problem for some folks that may have an addiction to gambling. It’s on their phone, and they don’t have to leave their home.” However, Lilleston says that he’s a supporter of the gaming laws being enforced in the state since gambling could bring in significant revenue.

Kessinger confirmed that gaming “could generate about $75 million once we get it up and running.” This means that $75 million goes to the state and the funds could be used to improve education or added to the highway fund. Kessinger also says that the money could be used to “fix the foster care system.” Kessinger also shared that if the gaming guidelines for Kansas are approved, sports gambling could be a legal practice in the state by July 1.

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