Located on the 34th floor, the newly-fashioned ‘Empathy Room’ at the Palms Casino Resort Sky Villa is the pinnacle of sumptuous luxury, and has been dubbed as one of the most expensive hotel stays in the world – costing a colossal $200,000 for a 2 night minimum stay, with a $10,000 deposit.

The decadent villa is the result of a joint partnership and collaborative project with award-winning architectural firm Bentel & Bentel, and though it may sound steep for guests to pay the average cost of a lifetime mortgage on a 2 bed room – it’s the lavish décor, unique features and extra incentives for booking a stay which warrants the hefty price tag.

According to reports and various brochures, the room is a true epitome of elegance and artistic taste, boasting over 9,000 sq. ft. of space with 2 master bedrooms plus California-king beds, 2 massage rooms, private salt healing room, fitness room, outdoor terrace with cantilevered Jacuzzi, bar, and two bathrooms with an additional washing facility. But, its Hirst’s meticulous design elements are what people are truly paying for when they spend the night here.

The Room’s Anomalous Yet Exquisite Layout

Guests will discover elaborate and unique artwork on every wall, decorative furnishings, and an overall theme which incorporates the British artist’s signature pharmaceutical motifs, clouds, skulls, and butterfly decals embellished into the walls, floor, windows, as well as a customer mosaic piece which can be found inside the Jacuzzi overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.

The 13-seat curved villa bar is a particularly attractive feature. It can accommodate up to 52 guests in total, and is complete with a relaxation lounge and home theatre area, serpentine-shaped Italian couches, with stylish carpets and drapery.

Directly above the bar, are two bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde, while a “here for a good time, not a long time” sign hangs adjacent with two vitrines; one homing a taxidermy marlin, while the other contains a marlin skeleton. A 10-panel collection of more butterfly motifs hang majestically on monochrome canvases titled “Casino Royale,” along with a medicine cabinet called “Vegas” and a “Winner Takes It All” also fills a cabinet with perfectly placed pills lining the shelves.

Bentel & Bentel architects are the original designers of the famous Las Vegas “Sky Villas” too, which typically range from $25,000 to $50,000 per night, but the Fertittas granted Hirst permission and creative flexibility to design the 6th Sky Villa in their collection, and spent months developing 6 upscale designs commissioned precisely for the suite.

“I love what Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta have done with the Palms. It’s amazing being able to work with them because they are great collectors and totally understand art,” says Hirst. “They have allowed me to create a suite in the hotel and design everything and completely fill it with my art.”

Other Services Included in the Booking

The room is reserved for the million-dollar casino players, and it’s not just the slender grandeur which people pay for either. As part of the stay, guests receive 24-hour private butler service, personal chauffeur, a private behind-the-scenes tour of the whole Palms collection, A-list admission to prolific venues including the Pearl Concert Theater and the soon-to-be-opened KAOS Day & Nightclub, access to the on-site recording studio, as well as $10,000 worth of credit to use at the resort.

Though the audacious representation of drugs and medical paraphernalia could exhibit some controversy at first glance, with many believing the artist decided to touch on the reputation of “Sin City” – it is actually a homage to Hirst’s collection of ‘Pharmacy’ works, which also plays on the theme of preservation and decay, while conveying the message that art is a form of natural healing.

Palms has not disclosed the cost of the renovations for the new suite, but the project was pertinent to a $690-million revamp to the entire resort, including restaurants and lounges.

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