How do you open a casino after a pandemic? Cautiously, and with safety first. Across the U.S., various casinos are beginning to slowly reopen. But things won’t quite be the same for quite a while.

Safety Measures In Place

Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort in Grand Falls, MN is one such casino. Operated by the Upper Sioux Community, this tribal casino is taking all the necessary precautions to ensure a safe reopening for all guests.

All staff will wear face masks, and guests are advised to wear masks as well. If they don’t bring their own, masks will be provided by the casino. The number of entrances will be limited, and each one will provide temperature checks and hand sanitizer for all who enter.

The ever-popular plexiglass casino dividers have been employed at slot machines, with half of the games turned off to separate guests from each other. Table games will remain closed at first, and the casino will operate at 50% capacity upon reopening.

Meanwhile, the Miccosukee Tribe reopened its casino in Miami-Dade County, Florida on Sunday. Miccosukee Resort & Gaming has also released a statement declaring that all staff members have tested negative for coronavirus. Masks are mandatory for everyone in the casino.

Staff will also provide temperature tests and turn people away if their temperature is too high. The casino previously allowed smoking on the premises, but now it will become smoke free. People will be allowed to smoke outside the casino in designated areas.

The largest tribal casino group in Florida, the Seminole Tribe, also plans to reopen their casinos at the end of May or early June. The Seminoles own the iconic Hard Rock International brand of casino resorts and cafes around the world.

Tribes First

The reason tribal casinos can reopen before the rest is due to the sovereignty of reservation lands. They operate with their home state’s approval, but are not governed by the state government. This allows them to jump the gun and open earlier. And tribal casinos feed communities, so it is important for them to resume operations as soon as safety permits.

In states where commercial gaming is legal, governments strictly control which businesses can reopen – and when. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak ordered the shutdown of all casinos months ago, and now the Nevada Gaming Control Board requires every casino to submit reopening plans.

The plans must include detailed documents on each casino’s safety measures and how they intend to keep employees and visitors safe. They must make all documents available to the Board in full disclosure. The rules apply to every casino licensee, from the Strip to the strip malls, and every gas station with slots in the state.

Online casino websites have been doing very well during the lockdown, but it’s good to know that we gamblers can finally stretch our legs and head to the land of psychedelic casino carpets and flashing neon betting temples. Just remember to wear your mask.


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