There are varieties of payment alternatives for online casinos, though they vary. In some cases, the options depend on the location. Most of the players prefer traditional means of making deposits such as credit cards or bank transfers. However, financial institutions will soon begin to restrict gambling transaction codes or specific amounts to the platforms. That means credit cards and bank transfers will not be possible. Other means are coming up though, and becoming increasingly popular to utilize. In some cases, the player can top up funds using mobile payment options. When adding funds to the casino account, the player finds their way into the cashier section. Accepted forms of payment are available on the platform so the player can choose that which is suitable.  



The name PayPal is synonymous with online banking and is in use globally. The system allows connection with a bank account or the account, which uses a credit card. The advantage of this is one no longer has to input their credit card number each time one wishes to make payment. It adds another layer of safety to the transactions made.

Bank transfers for payments

It is usually better to use banking transfers for the addition of funds to the casino balance. Several payers want the convenience of being able to deposit straight from their account. The problem is the clearance times vary between establishment and fees apply, not to mention limiting. It also comes with a lack of anonymity. The player’s financial details are available to the platform. The payments are also listed on the statement. It still is a popular choice among players.



Bitcoin is one of the newest alternatives and is the most stable crypto-currencies. Its increasing popularity allows casinos to begin offering it as one of the payment options. Once the player buys the Bitcoins and stores them within their wallet, they utilize them to make a deposit. There is a Bitcoin payment option within the cashier section of most online casinos where they enter the logins. This payment mode is advantageous because there are no third parties in the transfer and so zero fees. The transfer charges are also negligible. Bitcoin provides for greater security features, but there are some practices needed to safeguard the data. For a player to protect their privacy, they have to make sure they never  share their identification details because the transactions are saved on public networks.


Neteller is one of the prominent alternatives to online payment. It is popular because of the frill-free deposit method along with past payouts and good account security. It also allows for large transfer amounts without raising bureaucratic flags. It also enables funding of the account in several ways, such as the inclusion of other e-wallets and debit cards, Bitcoin and bank transfers. During the transfer of large money sums, the only limit to the amount is from the casino.

Credit and debit cards

Several casino online sites accept deposits from known credit carriers such as Visa and Mastercard, so they list these as prominent payment alternatives on the cashier tab. For debit cards, there are a few more options such as Maestro. VisaDebit is an option as well as Electron. The difference between them is Electron does not allow the account to exceed the limit. Visa-Debit, though allows for an overdraft. For debit cards, the player has to set their numbers every time they want to make a transaction. Debit cards are typically opposed to overdrafts and rightly so. If a criminal gets the account information, they are not able to charge significant sums.

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