As we leave 2019 behind us, we at USA Online Casino like to take a look back at the year of casino news to review the biggest changes in the casino market, and how it affects our readers and fellow gamblers.

2019 was full of major changes in the gambling world, with new sports betting options flooding the U.S., new casinos opening almost every month, and much more. As gambling laws relax across the world, we can finally fully embrace the freedom to gamble online as well as in land-based casinos.

Gagging for Gambling

Despite the relaxation of gambling restrictions worldwide, some cities and countries just can’t quite seem to get their game on. We’re talking about Chicago, Greece, and Japan. The green light for gambling flashed years ago, but these casino cars have stalled at the light.

Chicago can’t seem to get a casino to save its soul. The enthusiastic Chicago mayor, a pro-casino Governor, and a bevvy of billionaire investors can’t seem to get past the red tape and high operating costs. High state and city casino taxes nearly strangled the baby Chicago casino in the crib, and now the poor child is tangled in a web of never-ending red tape.

Greece can’t seem to get their game on either. You would think that the inventor of Olympic Games would have no problem making it to the finish line of the casino race. But you’d be wrong: red tape, false starts, and out-and-out fumbling have left casino investors out in the cold. The massive Hellenikon Project in Athens will never get off the ground unless somebody applies the grease in Greece.

And poor, noble, austere Japan. Just when we thought they would finally choose a city to host their first legal casino, shame and dishonor reared its ugly head. After dozens of interested cities and developers came to the table – many times – to decide upon a new casino, they choked. And it wasn’t some undercooked blowfish – it was bribery and corruption. What will happen now? Will somebody lose a finger or commit Seppuku? Stay tuned.


It wasn’t all bad news for gambling in 2019. While Steve Wynn took a fall for failure to keep his libido in his pants, his company’s Encore Boston Harbor soared into the year and broke records. This was no small feat for the fledgling East Coast casino. Its proximity to tribal gaming giants like Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in Connecticut left some in doubt – until they opened and hit the big time.

Dozens of new casinos opened and many more spent billions in renovations. And those that couldn’t quite pony up the billions for a facelift added sweet sportsbooks to the mix: instant profit for sports fans and gamblers.

It’s an exciting time to be a gambler in the U.S. and beyond. Whether you like gambling online in the comfort of your home or shuffling across the psychedelic shag carpets of Vegas casinos, 2020 holds a vision for a very good year.

And you can always expect to find the latest casino news here at USA Online Casino. Happy New Year and Happy Gaming!

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