Once Las Vegas got the green light to reopen after a long coronavirus shutdown, the flood gates opened to crowds of people Thursday. Although buffets, concerts, and swimming pools will remain closed, excited crowds poured into Vegas casinos looking to have some much-needed fun.

Vegas, Baby!

When the first Las Vegas casinos reopened, crowds of people flooded into the entertainment capital of the world for a great time. At the D casino in Downtown Vegas, the scene was like a grand opening and New Year’s Eve party combined. And since the D opened at midnight on Thursday, the countdown vibe was in full effect.

The mostly young crowd gambled, drank, cheered, and had a great time. Not everyone was wearing a mask or maintaining social distance. But the staff all wore masks and sanitation protocols were enforced. A bartender dressed in lingerie and a mask danced on a table. It was hedonism with a capital H down at the D.

D owner Derek Stevens gave away 1,700 flights to Las Vegas as a way to attract visitors after the lockdown. And from the scene in the D on opening night – it worked with a vengeance. Hotel guests were given free champagne at check-in, followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony on the casino floor. And the party is expected to keep on growing in scale through the weekend.

The New Gambler

Most of the guests filling the Vegas gaming floors were younger people, probably because they are not in the COVID-19 risk group. The ones lucky enough to work during the lockdown had little to spend their money on, so casino managers are hoping to cash in. The free flights and champagne more than certainly helped.

Lately casino owners have lamented the lack of Millennial gamblers while trying to figure out how to draw the new generation onto the gaming floors. Casinos have always been the mainstay of the Boomers, with rows of aging seniors feeding coins into slots.

But one unusual side effect of the coronavirus lockdown is becoming clear. Waves of cooped up young gamblers have just been released on Las Vegas, and they are partying like there’s no tomorrow.

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