Video Game Gambling a Growing Trend in Casinos

Las Vegas is always looking for the new and different because that is what brings the crowds into the casinos. The casinos have increasingly adapted to lots of innovations as a way to up their attractions for younger players. One way that Las Vegas is trying to set itself apart is in the area of gaming. The city is adapting video games to games that the casinos can use to draw gamblers in. This trend is sure to be a passion not only in Vegas but in other areas, such as Atlantic City.

The Trend of the Future

There were a lot of exciting trends at the recent Global Gaming Expo in Vegas. But, one of the most talked-about trends at the conference was the video game aspect of gambling. The expo featured a gambling skill game based on Pac-Man, the classic video game from the 1980s. It is popular with Gen Xers and Millennials. Plans are also in the works to make other popular games from the 1980s and 1990s into gambling games. These could include Galaga, Frogger, and Super Mario. These games could be very lucrative for the Vegas market.

Apps that Become Gambling Machines

In addition to these games, Vegas is also looking to make a killing with games adapted from applications. There are app games that have been very popular and would make great casino games. These include Cut the Rope 2, Candy Crush, Fruit Ninjas, and Angry Birds. Hundreds of millions of downloaded games prove that people play games on their phones all the time for entertainment. So, Vegas could easily persuade them to play for money.

Why Vegas May Be Moving Toward a Blend of Games and Gaming

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As the 21st century moves past its second decade, Vegas is looking toward the future of gambling. There is no mistaking the average age of players of traditional games is getting older. Research has shown the average age of poker players is 45. The average age of people who play slot machines is 56. The average age of blackjack players is 53. Roulette players are a bit younger, at 49. None of these ages are good for Vegas, according to the research. It points to the need of the city to find ways to attract younger players. One way to attract younger players is through the use of eSports gaming. The average age of the eSports player is 25, and the average age of people who watch eSports is 28. Las Vegas can lure these younger players to the city with eSports events. These events are better attended. One event recently sold out Madison Square Garden.

If Vegas combines new versions of arcade games or apps with eSports tournaments, its casinos will draw younger crowds. In addition, Vegas has been moving its marketing techniques toward younger crowds. Concerts and residencies have attracted younger people, especially with Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, and Calvin Harris. In addition, special one-day concerts, such as one given by the group Imagine Dragons, have drawn under-30 fans as well. Vegas has also upped its food and bar game. It now offers things foodie Millennials would love to post on social media and then eat. Clearly, Vegas has the intention to stay relevant for a younger generation. But, does the generation understand the allure of Vegas? The city should continue to keep older generations through its conferences, expos, and old-school games. But, it should also attract a younger generation with its food and entertainment offerings. If the city can do this, it will remain relevant.

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