Week 1 NFL Gambling Recap

The first week of the NFL is in the books. While some of the results were not so surprising, other results appeared out of the blue , possibly indicating future behavior of teams. Here are a few of the lessons that were learned and possible future outcomes.


Tampa Bay at New Orleans

While the Buccaneers won 48-40, the game was not nearly as close as the score would seem. Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is seemingly on a different team every year because of his inconsistency, exposed the weakness of New Orleans’ defense. Wherever the New Orleans defense went from the 2017 team, the 2018 team needs to go and find it. The Buccaneers went +10 against the spread, and over 49.5.

New York Jets at Detroit

The theory was that the Jets starting a rookie quarterback against a Pro Bowl veteran would mean that the rookie would lose…badly. However, the Jets looked solid on offense, and the defense chased Matthew Stafford around all night, winning 48-17. The Jets were +7 on the spread, and over 44 on the over and under.

Chicago at Green Bay

While this appears to be a huge surprise, Chicago actually played well. Their quarterback played well, and their defense was outstanding. The key factor in this game? Aaron Rodgers, who somehow managed to come back from a knee injury, brought his team back from the brink of disaster to win 24-23, after falling behind by 20 points. The Bears were +7 against the spread, and the total was over 45.

No Surprise Here

Houston at New England

No one is really surprised by this one. The New England Patriots beat the Houston Texans, although Houston’s quarterback made it interesting, the Texans were no match for Brady and Gronkowski. The Patriots won 27-20. The Patriots did manage to cover the spread at -6.5, and were under 49.5.

Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens

Many people were high on the Buffalo Bills going into the season and were not excited about the Baltimore Ravens. This is partly because the Ravens always seem to hang around, but never seem to do anything in terms of the playoffs. Having said that, the Ravens defense showed signs of life, sacking the Bills quarterback six times. Plus, their offense was effective, beating the Bills 27-3. The Bills look about as likely to make the playoffs this year as they have…well, every year except last year. The Ravens were more than able to cover the spread at -7.5, and the total was over 38.5.

Interesting Matchup

Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders

This one seemed as if it would be an interesting game. The Rams, a playoff team from last year, had continuity from their 2017 season, and looked promising for another playoff run in 2018. The Raiders, with their great young quarterback, and a head coach who has a reputation for churning out great quarterbacks, also looked to be promising for the 2018 season, after a not-to-bad 2017 season. The game was pretty evenly matched until the third quarter when the Raiders quarterback completely imploded, and in doing, drove the Raiders to defeat, 33-13. The Rams covered the spread at -6, and the total was under 47.5.

While there were some surprises in Week 1 of the NFL season, Week 2 also bodes some interesting matchups. At the moment, the Buccaneers vs. Eagles looks to be an interesting game, as the Eagles play in Week 1 was sloppy, at best. In addition, the Chiefs and the Steelers should also make for an interesting matchup, as the Steelers barely eked out a win in Week 1.

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