West Virginia coach discusses sports betting

Neal Brown, the West Virginia University (Morgantown) football coach, has an interesting perspective about the growing sports betting market. While making an appearance at the Big 12 teleconference, he discusses his post and other sports issues including sports betting.

Neal was at the centre of attention at the event as one of the four first-year coaches. The popular coach has had a stellar career with good records and commendable achievements. Most of what he was about to say was not new, but still, his opinion confirms prevailing perceptions.

It was expected that the Big 12 teleconference would lead to an open discussion about emerging regional sports issues.

Neal Brown’s Perspective on Sports Betting Legalization

Will Sports Betting Be Legalized Across the Country?

sports gamblingThe Big 12 teleconference also faced a question regarding the growing legalization of sports betting in the USA. This is a matter of concern to college coaches and Brown’s perspective is deemed as important in state-level policy formulation.

The coach’s view is that sports’ gambling is a growing phenomenon. Since West Virginia has already legalized sports betting, many states in the Big 12 footprint are likely to follow suit. Therefore, as the trend grows, states from across the country may also legalize sports betting to control the industry.

According to Neal’s view, there are “huge financial implications” for sports betting. This reality means that an “inevitable” occurrence of sports betting legalization is in the offing. The rationale for the assumption is that people always strive to make money. Therefore, sports’ betting is an optimal opportunity that will be exploited. The consequential effect is that other States will start to legalize sports betting avoid public exploitation.

Neal Brown’s Standpoint on Sports Betting Legalization

Neal also supports the legalization of sports betting on the basis that it will make public “what’s in the dark. Failure to legalize this type of gambling can lead to underground betting whose implications to sports will be dire.

Orienting Players to Cope with the Growing Sports Betting

Neal BrownIt is obvious that sports’ betting has its downside, as there are risks such as match fixing and cheating that occur. In order to mitigate against the moral hazards on the players’ part, Neal intends to follow up with the WHU compliance department. This will ensure that players are sensitized about bookmakers seeking an edge in betting as well as impacts of gambling.

Nonetheless, Brown concludes his view of sports betting by stating that he does not spend significant time “worrying about it.”

He Appreciates the Warm Reception from Mountaineers Club Players and Fans

Neal acknowledges the positive sentiments he has been receiving since accepting the Mountaineers coaching job in January 2019. He adds that his first 4 months have been full of positive experiences for him and his family.

He further thanks the fans for their support, citing the fact that “sales of seasonal tickets are going well”. He adds that this is a testament of “fan’s opinion” which he likens to a “poll”.

The Coach Is Set to Go on a State Visit Series This Month

The coach was inducted into the team on April 24th in Charleston during the Mountaineer Athletic Club scholarship dinner. In May, he will be hitting the road for a series of tours around West Virginia. The tour goes to Wheeling, Martinsburg, Parkersburg, Princeton, and Beckley on May 6, 7, 8, 21, and 22nd respectively.

The caravan will offer Neal and the football club a chance to meet the fans across the state. He is expecting a huge turnout similar to the one at the Charleston dinner.

Other matters that he talked about include, West Virginia’s exclusion on the Big 12, Blake Seiler’s hiring, and more.

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