In the past, gambling was all about men. Movies always showed men playing poker and craps. They were laughing at the baccarat and roulette tables. You would always see them gambling away large sums of money.

Gambling was once a male-dominated pastime. However, the gap that exists between men and women gamblers is shrinking. One of the places in the gambling world where this is occurring is online gambling. More women are gambling online than ever before.

Survey Results Prove It: Women Are Gambling More

The U.K. Gambling Commission did a study on the number of women who are gambling. It found there’s a less than 10 percent difference in the number of men who gamble versus women who gamble. The study also found that 53 percent of men reported gambling in some form in 2016. In the same study, 44 percent of women reported they had gambled. The gambling commission felt much of the growth has come from online gambling.

The Growth of Online Gambling Among Women

Online gambling has been a growing industry since the mid-1990s. Many people liked to sit in their homes and play casino games. They liked playing in their living rooms. This was a boon for women. Many women don’t like going out by themselves. Online gambling allows them to stay home and play. Also, they could be anonymous and play as a man if they wanted to. For some women, this could be an advantage. Women reported they were more likely to play at home because they didn’t feel judged. This sometimes happened to women who played in casinos.
During the study, some women said they also liked being able to access the online casino whenever they wanted. If the women wanted to relax at home with a glass of wine and play poker, they could do that. If they wanted to sleep and found they couldn’t, they could play a casino game to relax. The flexibility of gambling was a huge draw.

Changing Face of Online Gambling

According to researchers, there has been a sea change in the way women are gambling online. In the 1990s, women favored online bingo. There were two reasons for the game’s popularity. First, there was an online community with chat rooms. Women could talk about their lives and their bingo play. Also, bingo platforms found a way to make online games as entertaining as they were in bingo halls.
However, in the last few years, women have found they enjoy other games as well. Now, women play poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, and baccarat. Researchers have noted very little division between women and men in the type of games they play. In some games, such as blackjack and slots, the number of men and women who play is almost equal.

Other Reasons Women Play Online

There are two other reasons women enjoy the online play. First, women like the promotions and bonuses online casinos offer. There are all kinds of no-deposit bonuses and value-added bonuses that they can use to stretch their money. Women like the idea of getting more money to play with. They also like the preferred players’ bonuses online casinos offer, such as free cash and free spins.

Women also enjoy playing casino games on their phones. Researchers found that because smartphones are so portable, women can play anywhere. Women are playing casino games from their smartphones at an increasing rate. Researchers said women gamble on their phones 25 percent of the time, and they expect that number to grow. Gambling online for women represents a booming business.

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