Twenty years ago, no one could have predicted the rise of online gambling. If someone had suggested online gambling might overtake on-site gambling by 2030, people would’ve thought he or she was crazy. Online gambling is, indeed, poised to take over the gambling crown by that year.
What is the explanation for the rise of online gambling? There are several reasons. Let’s take a look at them.

The Growth of the Internet

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When the Internet began, there was no reason for anyone to play games on it. It was cumbersome. People used dial-up connections, which were painfully slow to connect. It was no fun to play games on the turtle-paced Internet. However, as its speed increased, playing games on the Internet has gotten more exciting. Businesses began developing new casino games for the Internet that included up-to-date graphics and music. People no longer had to download a game to play it. Instead, they could stream the gameplay.
Not only is the Internet now faster, but the mode of delivery is quicker. As a result, people can play games with one another in real time. People are also able to place bets as the game is happening. This real-time action has been a big boon for game players and companies that create gambling games.
Also, people can take their games with them. Unlike casino gambling, online games are portable. This means people can gamble during their lunch breaks or while cooking dinner. They can gamble at any time of the day or night as well. The convenience has been a big selling point for online gambling companies.


Probably the biggest increase in online gambling is because of competition. When the Internet began, online casino games were no match for the casinos. Revelers loved the action, music, and lights of casino play. Internet games could not match the casinos for excitement. However, online games have caught up. In some cases, the online casino games are as good or better than the on-site casinos for gameplay. Millions of people opt for the convenience of gambling from home.

Online companies are also competing with one another for casino gambling dollars. They offer all kinds of bonuses for players to sign up on their websites. This competition means gamblers get bonuses for signing up to play, as well as bonuses for continued play. People may get extra money to gamble, or they may get free spins. The casino competition is fierce, which means an improved product for the gambler.

The Rise in Sports Betting Online

While millions of people enjoy gambling online, millions more also gamble on sports every week. Online betting on daily fantasy sports was the first time that a business had online and mobile applications. Now, sports fans can place bets from wherever they are. Mobile apps allow people to register and bet almost immediately. More importantly, mobile apps allow gamblers to bet on games as they are happening. This has increased over the years and gives apps an enormous advantage over brick-and-mortar bet shops or kiosks. Experts expect in-game or in-play betting to explode in the next few years. The reason is people are continuing to look for interesting bets to make.

The Rise of eSports

Another wrinkle in the mix is the rise of eSports. eSports teams compete against each other for video game glory. People watch the competitions on the Internet and place bets. eSports is rapidly becoming a credible addition to the gambling world. Purses for the major eSports games have reached $5 million. This seems to add yet another area to the growing online gambling world.

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