Even for those lucky enough to be able to work at home during the pandemic, long times spent working alone at home can become boring. Which is why MGM Resorts is offering their work in Vegas promo ‘Viva Las Office.’

Poolside Conferencing

The largest resort operator in Las Vegas just came up with a brilliant idea: why work at home when you can work in Las Vegas? The MGM Resorts promo is aimed at teleworkers who work at home for long periods of time while their offices are on lockdown. With tens of millions of American workers working at home during the pandemic, MGM decided to offer these home workers a change of scenery in Sin City.

‘Viva Las Office’ is a set of getaway packages designed with the teleworker in mind. The package features discounted flights from a private jet operator JSX, accommodation at Bellagio or ARIA, daily food and drink credit, early check-in and late check-out options, and more. The packages come in three tiers, “The Associate,” “The Manager,” and “The Executive,” each with increasing room size, views, and casino resort perks like your own executive assistant.

Viva Las Office requires a minimum three-night stay, with packages starting at $100 per night. But after daily resort fees are added, a five-night stay at the basic Associate tier costs over $800.

With casino convention centers deserted and business travel cut off at the knees, Vegas casinos need all the visitors they can get these days. And Viva Las Office offers the perfect solution for weary work-at-home businesspeople.

A Change in Scenery

“I believe many consumers will take advantage of a change in scenery,” Jordan Salmon, a former MGM executive, told the Las Vegas Review Journal. “Who wouldn’t want to trade in their makeshift work-from-home setup for a private ‘office’ overlooking the fountains of Bellagio?”

According to a Gallup poll, more than 60% of Americans said they worked remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. This ‘captive audience’ might prove to be a niche demographic perfect for the work-in-Vegas program. But Vegas casinos still need to work out the logistical problems. How many people are willing to fly at this time, and will they be enough to show a big enough bump in resort revenue?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that only 45% of Americans are willing to start flying again during the pandemic. The results of the same poll conducted in April showed a number 60% higher. According to IATA Chief Economist Brian Pearce, “Consumers have actually got more cautious, and we have a majority saying now that they would wait more than six months before traveling,” Pearce said. “The survey is telling us that passengers are rather cautious.”

But for managers and executives within driving distance from Vegas, it is the perfect time to rent a luxury sedan and drive to Viva Las Office to work in style and luxury.


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