The Biggest Lost Ever!

by lasheak91 - on


So craziest thing that i have witnessed at the casino was when i had just learnt how to play a game called Baccarat. It was the second time i had ever played and I had just sat down at the table and started to play. The game was pretty simple, it is similar to head or tails i think or at least i thought. Little did i know there was an actual language to the game to be understood. Well i had been playing for a about an hour and was doing pretty good when this little old Asian lady sat next to me… She opened her big purse that she had and pulled out something that looked like a beaten up shoe box. When she Opened it I couldn’t believe my eyes I had never seen so much money. She took out 250,000 and asked for it to be exchanged for chips. Immediately next thing you know our table was now being guarded by at least 4 security. As we played i noticed how either incredibly good she was at the game or she had some really good luck because i never saw her lose one hand! I ended up winning a good amount to where i sat out and let her take the table over… Long story short, when she took out the 250 grand that wasn’t even half of half of half of what was in the box, come to find out she went home that night 7 million $$ richer plus the rest of what was in her box!

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