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Long considered the gold standard of all credit cards, American Express (Amex), with over 109.9 million active cards out today and in business since 1850, is a name that begets consumer trust. Today’s reputable online casinos have been quick to appreciate this stamp of quality, dependability and integrity when it comes to payment methods and have bent over backwards to ensure their partnership with Amex is rock solid. Players at the casinos we review on USA Online Casino can enjoy playing with no fees from Amex, completely comfortable in the knowledge that their deposits are safe and secure.

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Advantages of using American Express

Extended Warranty

Using American Express for payments in online and brick and mortar shops comes with a number of benefits including American Express extended warranty, purchase protection, return protection, baggage insurance plan, car rental loss and damage insurance, global assistance, road side assistance and travel accident insurance. All of which work to make American Express one of the most trusted and secure credit cards in the world.

Instant Deposits

Making online casino deposits using American Express is quick and easy, leading to your account being credited immediately. There’s no reason to wait on end for long approval times using one of the world’s most trusted credit cards. Using Amex to make your deposits is very reliable; and means that you can get down to playing the games that you love most. Be on the fast track to winning in instantly.

World-Class Customer Support

American Express wouldn’t have become the most trusted name in credit cards without their excellent customer support. Do you have questions concerning charges? Worried about possible fraud? Need to perform a quick change to your credit limit? The 24/7 customer support from American Express is tried and tested, and means you’re always just a call away from a live person who is ready to assist you with your credit needs.

Drawbacks of using American Express

Annual Fees

Like most major credit cards American Express charges an annual user fee. That being said, the company offers its customers a plan in which, if you spend $1,000 in purchases in the first 3 months, the annual fee is waived. It’s willing to go above and beyond, because the best part is that you as a customer will receive $150 back in the form of a credit statement. Plain and simple.

High Interest Rates

If you for some reason or other you fail to pay off your monthly balance with your American Express card, the company can choose to up your interest rate on a 45 day notice. This is simply policy for the company, and shouldn’t be taken as a form of punishment. Fortunately, their customer support is there to help in case you feel like there has been a discrepancy with your payments.

Currency Conversion Fee

For any purchases made outside of the United States, American Express can choose to attach a foreign currency conversion fee to transactions made. The company may also choose to charge potential additional fees, usually in the form of a charge on your credit statement for any balance transfers and cash advances requested by its customers. Please be sure to note the terms and conditions of your card in advance prior to foreign payments.

How to deposit using American Express

#1 Login or register at your casino of choice.

Select your Amex casino of choice and register or sign in. Simply follow the prompts or links for your casino of choice and type in the requested personal information accurately to accomplish this. This information is confidential and will not be shared with outside parties as per each casino’s company policy.

#2 Head to the cashier to make a deposit.

Head to the cashier section. This is usually found under the tab labeled “Banking”. Once you’re there, the link to the cashier will enable you to quickly connect to a secure server within the American Express casino’s own website. No outside parties will be able to view this information.

#3 Click on the bonus tab and select your bonus.

Select the applicable bonus that appears. This is usually visible in a prompt labeled “X bonus”, and is designed for one time use only per customer in conjunction with each deposit made. Once the applicable bonus has been selected you can continue with the process accordingly as per the instructions.

#4 Click on the type of deposit method, depending on your type of card.

Once you arrive at the deposit method screen, be sure to select your favored method of deposit along with the amount the applicable amount that you wish to make. This is fast and easy and is ultimately up to you to decide how much money you want to start playing with.

#5 Input your information and card details.

Once you have selected your deposit amount, the screen in question will request that you enter your debit or credit card details along with a verification of the provided information. This screen is encrypted and secured from outside parties, making the process fast and easy, so you can start playing.

#6 Check your account status and start playing

Your account will be credited immediately with the amount that you have chosen. All you need to do now is to start playing for real money at any of the popular online casinos you chose. If you feel the need to deposit more money to play, now you know the steps!

How to withdraw using American Express

It is not possible for the verified casinos reviewed here at USA Online Casino to offer a credit statement on your American Express card as a way of depositing your withdrawals. Standard withdrawals are available using bank transfer, bank check or Bitcoin.

Facts about American Express

American Express, Recognized In The Business

amex casinoThe American Express Company, also known under moniker Amex, is an American owned multinational financial services company that is headquartered in Three World Financial Center in New York City, New York. The company, founded in 1850, comprises one of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The company is renowned worldwide for its customer service, reliability, credit card, charge or debit card, as well as traveler’s check businesses.

A Valuable Brand

amex casino miniAccording to a study back in 2016, credit cards using the American Express network accounted for almost 23% of the total currency volume of credit card transactions within the United States. Since December 2016, Amex had some 110 million cards in use worldwide with nearly half in United States. American Express was recently ranked the 25th most valuable brand in the world according, with an estimated net worth of $18.4 billion.

Making History

american express casinoAs of 2017, the multinational business magazine and financial guru Fortune ranked American Express as the 17th most admired company worldwide, up from years prior. The company logo, which was adopted in 1958, depicts a gladiator whose image appears on the company’s checks, charge or debit cards as well as credit cards. Looking to learn more about American Express? Visit their website for more details at

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to play online casino games using American Express?

Yes. American Express is the oldest, most esteemed, globally accepted credit card. It comes with the most up-to-date security and anti-fraud measures available. Online casinos who accept American Express have proven their worth as a reliable partner to this iconic brand.

Are there fees involved in using American Express to make online casino deposits?

No. There are no fees involved in making online casino deposits using American Express. All deposits are completely secure, reliable and transparent. There are no hidden costs or changes in using American Express at any of the online casinos reviewed by USA Online Casino.

Can I play at an online casino using American Express?

Yes, absolutely. All of the casinos we review here at USA Online Casino have been carefully vetted to ensure their payment methods are honest, reliable and meet only the highest-level security and personal data protection standards. They all accept Amex.

How do I make a deposit using my American Express card?

As with any major credit card, making online casino deposits using your American Express card is super-fast and easy. Simply register or log in with your favorite casino. Go to the cashier. Click on the American Express icon, enter your card details, including card number, expiration date, the three-digit CVC security code on the back and the amount you want to deposit. Click “Make a Deposit” and you’re ready to rock n’ roll. It’s time to play the best real money casino games around and have a blast!

Are there alternative deposit methods?

Yes, there certainly are. Traditional online casino deposit methods include by major credit or debit card, Neteller, Bank transfer, bank check, and Bitcoin.

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