Mobile Slot Machines

If you’re a seasoned slot player and haven’t discovered the world of mobile slots yet – it’s about time you did! These exciting little games can produce rewards as big as land-based slot machines, and boast several unique features you simply can’t enjoy unless you’re playing through a mobile or hand-held device. At USA Online Casino, we’re always making sure we’re in the loop when it comes to the latest mobile game releases with the best chance for players to score big.

So, let us introduce you to an entirely new and convenient way of gambling online, and the best places to start playing in the exciting world of mobile slots.


#1 – Play Anytime, Anywhere

The best thing about online gambling is the fact you can play anywhere, day or night. That being said, you can’t necessarily play at any given time with online casinos. This is due to the fact that you might not always have your laptop or PC with you. With mobile casinos, however, you could be waiting in your local clinic, in a line at the store, or sitting on your lawn chair grilling BBQ and still win real money! This the real beauty behind playing mobile slots. You could hit a progressive jackpot from the top of Niagara Falls as long as you’ve got data to use or WIFI handy!

#2 – A Huge Collection of Games

Don’t worry about those little screens being big enough to power your favorite casino game, or that your favorite slot might not even be available to play altogether! Don’t fret – game developers are way ahead of the times when it comes to gambling technology, and optimizing online casino games is high on their priority list. That’s also why you’ll find hundreds of exciting, fun-packed mobile slots among the online casinos we review here at USA Online Casino.

#3 – One Click Away from a Big Win

Another big benefit of playing mobile slots is the little effort needed to actually hit a jackpot. You don’t have to sit there with an aching arm from pulling the lever every 30 seconds, or worry about a tired finger from tapping a mouse constantly. Of course, you’re not guaranteed to win just by playing through your phone; however, the fact that you have this potential through a few clicks of a button is enough in itself – right? And then there’s the autoplay button…



When making payment transactions online, the biggest concern for most is safety and security. If this applies to you to, we’re here to clear up any worries you may have. Casinos use the latest security protocols and software to safeguard every single piece of sensitive information.

On top of this, special SSL technology encrypts players’ bank account details to keep them protected from hackers. Popular payments methods like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller also make transactions highly secure.

USA Online Casino only recommends legitimate casinos with a good reputation. But, if you are still in doubt about whether it’s safe to play a casinos online mobile games, check up to make sure they’re fully certified and have an official operating license before signing up.


Another perk from playing mobile slots is the fact that you can play the games for free. You can’t do this in a land-based casino, so whatever money you put down in these places will go one way or the other.

With mobile slots, you can take your time getting to know the game dynamics, and how it all works first. That way you can hone your skills without the risk of losing any money. Then, when you feel confident enough, you can start playing slots for real money. All of this is possible through a 5” screen too! 


Online casinos boast big bonuses and promotional offers, and the same goes for mobile-based casinos. Most of these incentives come in the form of no deposit bonuses, meaning you don’t have to part with any cash in order to make use of them! Mobile slots also offer match deposit bonuses, which requires the player to put money down, but you are given the same amount to spend by the casino. They match your deposit, hence the name.

And the best part about bonuses for mobile slots? It’s gotta be those beloved free spins you can claim on a variety of different games. If you win anything during these bonuses rounds, you get to keep every single cent!


It’s never been easier to chuck a few bucks in your account and start playing for big jackpots. The fact that you gamble through a mobile makes the entire process much quicker and easier compared to an online casino. You can use a variety of banking methods including credit card, bank transfer, bitcoin, and other payment options in various accepted currencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to play mobile casinos?

Absolutely! You have the same chances at winning big on mobile slots just as much as you would in an online casino. They still come with bonus offers, free spins and other incentives, and the game dynamics are exactly the same too – you just need to get used to playing on a smaller screen!

How easy is it to make deposits and withdrawals with mobile slot games?

If you’re planning to play for real money, you will need to register an account in order to put in and take out funds. But it’s incredibly straight-forward and takes just a few minutes. Note, it’s always worth selecting the same payment method for deposits and withdrawals to prevent any delays in the arrival of your winnings.

Why are mobile slots better than online slots?

Mobile slots aren’t necessarily better than online slot machines, especially when online casino games work with Flash and have the ability to produce better, more refined graphics. However, mobile slots are certainly convenient and allow players to gamble on the go while still playing for real money.

Is there a winning mobile slots strategy?

Like online slots, mobile slots work with the same random number generators (RNGs) to ensure that all outcomes of the reels are unique. That being said, the more you play a slot, the more potential you have to maximize your bankroll. It’s worth setting a budget for how much you’re prepared to lose, and don’t be afraid to place smaller bets – they might not result in the top jackpot, but at least you might win a fair bit of cash still!

What is the mobile slots house edge?

The house edge for mobile slots is generally the same for online slots, which is about 5%. But this really does depend on the mobile slot game you’re playing at the time, as each game will have a slightly different volatility.

Should I read the terms and conditions for mobile slot bonuses?

As a player of the mobile casino, it is your responsibility to ensure you have read and fully understand the terms attached to the bonuses. This will save a lot of time and upset should you decide to skip the T&Cs and then be disappointed when it turns out you’re not eligible for the offer.

Need any more info on playing mobile slots? Feel free to fire over your questions!