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Today’s online casino games come in many forms. From slots to table games, 21 games, video poker and specialty games, online casinos strive to offer the fullest assortment possible of cutting edge games to keep you playing, winning and having fun. To give you a better idea of exactly what you’ll find on the online casino floor, in this section we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the best online casino games available today.

There’s nothing like the thrill of the casino floor. Playing real money casino games is, in a word, a blast. Fortunes can be made or lost at the push of a button. Today’s online casino games offer a wide range of betting options. You can bet max on multiple payline slots in search of that ever-elusive jackpot. Or you can opt to play $5 hands of blackjack for hours to hone your strategy. Whatever your playing style, real money casino games are the heart of casino gambling. All of the casinos reviewed here on USA Online Casino offer easy deposit real money gambling with all the potential rewards that entails.

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Here at USA Online Casino it’s our job to wade through the ocean of online casino offers to select only the best online casinos and real money online casino bonus codes. With due diligence we comb through the overwhelming selection of online casino offerings to bring you reviews of the best online casinos. Have a look through our online casino reviews to get a feel for the unique features each casino we review has to offer. Select the casino or casinos (there’s no need to play only one) that have the right games selection, look and feel to suit your tastes and mood. Then, indulge in our exclusive casino bonus codes offers to exponentially increase your bankroll with match and welcome bonus offers, free spins, and free chips.

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The most popular online casino games

Below you’ll find a brief overview of the most popular online casino game types available on the internet today. All of the online casinos we review here at USA Online Casino have a fantastic selection of state-of-the-art games. Browse the games categories below to get a feel for what type of games are right for you. Whether you’re an online casino newbie or a seasoned player, we’re sure you’ll find the game and have a blast!

online slots

Online Slots

For ages, slots have been the main stay of casino gaming and are hands down the most popular form of online gaming, whether for real money or playing for free. The selection of slot machines on the market today is enormous, with RTG alone offering up over 200 different slot games. Obviously, the selection varies by casino. Each casino has different opportunities to win. Most offer free spins, multiple paylines, prize multiplying bonus features, and standard and progressive jackpot machines. The options are seemingly endless. We highly recommend you study the games before you play and free play is the ideal way to do so. Play for free when possible to get a feel for the paylines, the difference between 3-reel and 5-reel slots, the bonus features of different games and pay tables. Features vary widely depending on the specific game.

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online baccarat

Table Games

A casino just wouldn’t be complete without a wide selection of classic table games, and online casinos are no different. Online casinos offer a fairly broad selection of iconic table games, ranging from classic Baccarat, to Let Em Ride, Pontoon, Tri Card Poker, PaiGow Poker and Vegas Three Card Rummy. Table games combine both luck and skill, with the house edge varying widely by game. If you’re an online casino games newbie, we highly recommend you familiarize yourself with your table game of choice using the free play feature. Payouts are unique to each game and correlate to the amount you bet, so it’s always a good idea to have a firm understanding on what’s going on with each game before you go all in.

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online roulette

Specialty Games

Specialty games are usually what people think of first when they think of casino games. Specialty games such as American Roulette, European Roulette and craps have been institutions in casino gambling since casinos were invented. Both roulette and craps are as old as the hills (roulette has been around since the 17th century and variations of craps predate Roman times). The action-packed games of roulette and craps loom large in Bond films and have been long associated with the swank and elegance of black tie Monte Carlo casinos. Thrilling, exhilarating and a blast to play, specialty games like roulette and craps come with sophisticated betting strategies that add an air of calculated elegance to these casino classics. Lottery games such as Keno are also popular stalwarts of the specialty games section in most online casinos.

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online video poker

Video Poker

A variation on traditional poker games, video poker combines the look and feel of a slot machine with the skill of a Vegas style casino poker table. Most online casinos today offer a wide-range of video poker options. Perhaps the most common variant of video poker, and by far the most popular, is Jacks or Better. A simple variation of five-card draw poker, there is no raising or bluffing in Jacks or Better. Instead a single bet is made at the beginning. The player’s goal is to score a hand that includes a pair of jacks or better. Other video poker games include Aces & Eights, All American Poker, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Double Jackpot Poker, Double Double Jackpot Poker, Joker Poker, Loose Deuces and this USA Online Casino reviewer’s personal favorite, Seven’s Wild.

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online blackjack

21 Games

21 games, most notably the traditional Blackjack, have been a casino standard since casinos were born. 21 games offer some of the best odds on the casino floor and a fascinating blend of both skill and luck. Today’s online casinos tend to offer a number of variants of this classic game of beat the dealer. This includes the time-honored and universally loved Blackjack, as well as a host of contemporary favorites such as European Blackjack, Face Up 21, Match Play 21, Suit Em Up and Super 21.

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free casino games

Free Online Casino Games

Unlike brick and mortar casinos, one of the true advantages of playing online casino games is that the vast majority of online casinos offer free play games. This is the perfect way to familiarize yourself with a given slot’s features, to practice your video poker strategy or to learn how to maximize your bets in roulette or craps. For first time players to old casino hands, free play is the ideal way to make sure your game is at its best before you switch to real money and put your hard-earned cash on the line in hopes of a massive payout.

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Slot machines are everywhere – in casinos, on websites, and in the movies, with many references in today’s art and culture. Here are some interesting facts and trivia about the history of slot machines.

The World’s Largest Tournament

slots tournamentAccording to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s largest slot machine tournament took place on April 30, 2016. The tournament was organized in celebration of the 21st anniversary of Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, Washington, USA. A total of 3,173 players attended the free event, which awarded more than $100,000 in cash and prizes to its participants. The tournament’s winner received $21,000 and a trip to Las Vegas, where they went on to take a shot at winning $1 million in a championship event on September 28, 2016.

Just Twenty-seven Cents

27 cents slotsIn the United Kingdom, one of the most significant online casino wins originated from a 20-pence spin. A fisherman was playing Hall of Gods, a popular online slot game and started his session with just a 20-pence turn, which is roughly the equivalent of 27 cents in U.S. dollars. The player, who wished to remain anonymous, played until he received a total of £5.4 million in winnings. That’s an impressive total of roughly 7.4 million in USD!

Double Winnings

double winningsJust after the Mirage Casino opened in 1989, a man named Elmer Sherwin visited the casino and won $4.6 million from a Megabucks slot machine. The Megabucks machine is a dollar slot machine with a jackpot that requires a $3 bet for the top prize. The jackpot would reset at $7 million, and the chance of winning the grand prize was less than one in ten million. A 76-year-old World War II veteran at the time, Sherwin used the money to travel the world. In 2005, the now 92-year-old man sat down at another Megabucks machine, this time at the Cannery Casino, winning the top Megabucks slot machine jackpot worth $21.1 million. He used his winnings to help support his family and donated much of the money to charity.


Jeremy, Colorado

“I’m by no means what you would probably call a ‘seasoned gambler’, but I must admit I do have a hunger for slots at the best of times! One Sunday evening, I was playing the Cash Bandit’s slot machine from Planet 7 Casino. I was doing pretty poor at first, only wagering $20 at a time. Then after 10 minutes, my wife pointed out the fact it was St. Patrick’s Day!

As she is of Irish heritage, I asked her whether she thought the Leprechauns would help me win! She laughed and said ‘I wouldn’t count on it’. In spite of her response, I decided to put down $100, and could you believe it – exactly 30 seconds later, the machine pays out $13,607… After jumping around like a lunatic, my wife rushes back in and asks what all the commotion is about, at which point I said ‘I’ve got you a pot of gold my darling!’ She then had her own moment of chaotically jumping for joy! Best St Paddy’s day ever!”

Frequently Asked Questions

If I play at an online casino and win big. Are my winnings taxable?

Unfortunately, yes. The IRS requires you to report all online casino winnings. At the same time, your online casino losses are actually tax deductible, but only to the amount of your winnings.

Do online casinos tell the IRS how much I’ve won?

No. Online casinos have no requirement to report your winnings to the IRS. Reporting your winnings is solely based on the honor system.

What if the casino I choose to play is offshore? Are my winnings still taxable?

Yes. No matter where you choose to play, the IRS requires you to report your winnings as taxable income.

Say I hit the jackpot, can I cash out all of my winnings at once?

It usually depends on the casino and the particular rules of any bonus you have used to play. Some bonuses have cash out limits, determining the amount of your winnings you can withdrawal on any given day. Some have no limits, depending on the bonus. Check the individual casino’s terms and conditions for details.

To register at an online casino they ask me for personal information, do I have to be honest or can I use a made-up name?

If you’re just interested in free play, you don’t need to provide real information. However, if you want to play for real money and plan to cash out your winnings one day, it is of utmost importance to provide accurate information.

I have provided the casino with my name, address, contact information, etc. Will the casino sell this information on to third party marketing agencies?

Absolutely not. All of the online casinos we review here at USA Online Casino have strict personal data protection and privacy policies. Your information will be stored safely and securely and only ever be used to identify you when you make deposits or withdrawals.

I tried to make a deposit using my debit or credit card, but it wasn’t accepted. Why not?

It depends on the state or country in which you reside. Different rules and regulations apply by jurisdiction, meaning that for players from certain states, the casino may not be allowed to accept credit or debit cards for deposits. The solution is to use a third-party service such as Neteller, bank transfer, bank check or a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. All of the casinos we review here accept all of the above deposit methods.

I saw a really cool slot in Vegas recently but can’t find it at the online casino. Why not?

While the game selection at online casinos (at least the ones we review here) is vast, not all brick and mortar casino games translate to the online world. That said, you can almost always find a game with a similar theme online.

I won at the online casino, cashed out and the casino sent me a bank check. When I go to deposit this at my bank, will I get into trouble?

Most certainly not. Due to the ever changing legal and regulatory environment in different places, online casinos are super careful to make sure the cash out checks they issue show no signs that the money comes from online casino play. Checks are usually issued by a third-party bank with no reference to the casino itself. That said, however, you probably don’t want to be boasting to your banker that you won the money playing online casino games as in certain states, the bank could refuse to accept the check.

Are online casino games rigged?

Absolutely not. All verified online casinos (at least the ones we review here at USA Online Casino) use something called a random number generator (RNG) to ensure play is fair. Furthermore, all of the casinos we review here have been subject to independent third-party verification to ensure industry standard fair play.

Why do online casinos offer such big bonuses? How can they afford to give away free chips and spins?

Online casinos are a competitive business. The casinos take a calculated risk in offering generous bonuses and player rewards to keep ahead of the competition and to keep you coming back to their casino to play. Requiring players to make a deposit to receive bonuses and rewards is one way online casinos make sure they stay in business.

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