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We’re a huge lover of anything free here at USA Online Casino. Whether it’s a free lunch, free entry, free Willy, you name it! But when it comes to online casinos, it’s nice to know you can expect to receive something back for all the hard-earned bucks you’ve injected into their games every once in a while. It’s even nicer to know that you don’t have to be gambling hierarchy or signed up to a VIP program to be eligible for these incentives either. So, what rewards can you expect to indulge in when it comes to playing free online slot machines?

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How Slots Evolved to Offer Freebies

How to Get Free Stuff

Many years ago, before gambling technology advanced to such a high degree, basic lever-and-pulley slot machines could be found littering the majority of the gaming floor inside casinos, and worked with 3-reels and a few sets of paylines. These machines were capable of spitting out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars when a jackpot was hit, and often if a player was on a hot streak, they would receive incentives from casino staff such as a free drinks, a meal, or coupon in order to keep them playing.

When online slots emerged on the gambling scene some decades later, not only did they have lower denominations and could be played with much smaller wagers, developers soon began to step things up in order to entice more players. They did this by introducing special symbols which could alter the game dynamics, i.e. Wilds and Scatters, and also began adding additional reels, paylines and unique bonus rounds which allowed the player to win more than just money. This extra content could see the player unlock free spins, free games, bet multipliers and sometimes be given a choice to play for a different type of jackpot. All within the same game.

This is why in today’s era, online slots became the kings of casino games, and is also why they’re responsible for approximately 2 thirds of all online casino revenue.

How These “Free” Features Work Now

free spins

Every slot machine works in a slightly different way to another. This could be down to the number of reels, paylines, special symbols, the theme, and many other factors. But one thing they all pretty much have in common is the free stuff.

Usually these bonus rounds are triggered when the player hits a certain combination on the reels, which then unlocks either a bunch of free games or free spins. Occasionally, you can play a round of free spins or games as a bonus reward following a mini-game, or as a result of a lucrative feature. These can very often be retriggered as well, if the right combination of symbols is lined up against the paytable. These also tend to bring with them various multipliers that can increase your bet amount substantially.

Why Should You Play Free Online Slots with Free Spins?

Why It Pays to Play for Free

Even if they still remain the most popular game inside brick-and-mortar establishments, players can’t expect the same benefits when playing slots online, so the answer really is in itself.

You should play free online slots with free spins because it gives you many more chances to win. On top of the fact it’s crazy fun and entertaining, you also have the opportunity to broaden your slot playing skills, and become better accustomed to how the game works without taking any risks. USA Online Casino features an entire library of reviews of our recommended online casinos dedicated to free online slots, where you can unlock a mountain of unique bonus content, such as free spins and free games throughout. Some of the best free online slots games include Achilles, Crystal Waters, Cleopatra’s Gold, Crazy Vegas, and many more. 

If at this point you’re happy to take some risks and are looking for something more challenging, we also highlight casinos with plenty of online slots which can be played for real money. These offer some of biggest jackpot prizes with highly-rewarding bonus content which could be yours for the taking!

Feel free to start browsing through our trusted online casino list; each casino is home to a fantastic catalogue of both free online slots with free spins, and online slot games you can play for real money! If you need any help along the way, we’ve got a ton of helpful articles and info to get you ready. Good luck!