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Quick and easy deposits and withdrawals are what make real money online casinos go round. While credit cards remain the most popular way for Americans to make online casino deposits, around the world debit cards are gaining in popularity as a quick, easy way to transfer money while keeping complete control of your spending. Debit cards are super easy to obtain, no credit check is necessary and most banks will issue you one when you open an account. For undeniable convenience and ultimate control of your casino spending, buying your chips using a debit card is a fast, easy, safe and secure way to go.

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Advantages of Using Debit Cards

Immediate Deposit

Though there are some clear differences between the two, both credit cards and debit cards are both meant for the same level of convenience and ease of purchase. They allow for immediate deposits, and as long as you have sufficient funds in your debit card account, you can use it to deposit at any of the verified debit card casinos reviewed here at USA Online Casino. This allows you to start playing immediately.

High Security

Today’s modern debit cards come with a range of security features, including chip card technology and zero liability when it comes to fraud or theft. Though it may take more time to get money back in your account, zero liability policies make debit cards almost as safe as credit cards. In addition, more and more debit cards are utilizing chip-enabled technology. For the most secure transactions, opt for the chip instead of the magnetic strip.

Widely Accepted

Whether you find yourself at a local establishment, out of the country or paying online, when cash is either inconvenient or not accepted at all, debit cards are the answer. Like credit cards, they’re widely accepted, and debit cards such as Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Maestro are part of a global electronics payments network and are accepted at all of the verified debit card casinos we review here at USA Online Casino.

No Debt

One advantage of using debit cards instead of credit cards is that you can protect yourself from your own bad habits. Credit cards allow you to spend money you don’t have, and that can be both beneficial and harmful. You can build up credit to fulfill your needs, but debit cards only draw on funds you do already have, giving you greater control over your spending and keeping you debt free.

No Annual Fees

Here’s another benefit to using a debit card: opening a credit card account usually comes with some kind of annual fee with other fees as well, but debit cards are inexpensive to use in comparison. Depending on your bank or credit union, debit cards usually come with absolutely no additional fees for use, no annual fees, and no hidden charges. That means even less to worry about when making deposits.

Drawbacks of Using Debit Cards

No Enhanced Credit Score

When it comes to using your debit card, no matter how diligent you are in managing your money, it will never enhance your overall credit score, that’s something only using a credit card and regularly repaying the minimum will do. If your aim is to build your credit score to get better terms, using debit cards will have no effect, so you’re better off using your credit card to make online casino deposits.

Possible Overdraft Charges

Unless you sign up for overdraft protection, your debit card will usually stop working when you have run out of funds. This is good if you have a hard time controlling your spending, though it can be embarrassing if you’re in the middle of a purchase. However, there are still rare but possible situations where you can get hit with insufficient funds charges. You may not fall into serious debt, but you still want to be careful.

Chance Of Being Rejected

Depending on the legislation surrounding online gambling, your debit card might be automatically rejected at certain debit card casinos if your country of origin has laws against using debit or credit cards to make online casino deposits. If you encounter problems it’s always best to contact your bank or credit union to ask about the rules, of contact customer support at the online casino directly for more information.

How to Deposit Using Debit Cards

#1 Login or register at your casino of choice.

Browse around until you find your debit card casino of choice. If you’re a first-time player, register for a free account in a few easy steps. Follow the simple prompts and provide your personal details as requested. Otherwise, complete your login as usual. The universal policy for all our casinos is that this information is always confidential.

#2 Head to the cashier to make a deposit.

If you are not automatically brought to the cashier page after logging in, you can find the tab at the top of the page. This is the part of the process where you will find the options available for deposit methods. You will also be able to choose a bonus and eventually make a deposit.

#3 Click on the bonus tab and select your bonus.

Once you’ve completed the step for depositing money into your account, it’s time to choose a bonus to redeem. Click on the bonus tab to browse the current offerings. Be sure to read the descriptions, as they will be relevant for different online casino games. When you see one that suits your interests, click redeem coupon.

#4 Click on the type of deposit method, depending on your type of card.

Return to the deposit section, and click on your preferred deposit method, depending on your type of card. This will take you to a secure page where you can choose an amount that you’re comfortable with. Remember: these steps are easy to follow and can be repeated anytime during your session.

#5 Input your information and card details.

You can now follow the steps for making the actual deposit with your information. As with most online purchases, you will be required to provide some personal details and verification of payment. As with all secure websites, this information is kept confidential and will not be made available to outside parties.

#6 Start winning!

Your account will be credited immediately. Head over to the “my account” tab to check out your new balance. Once everything is set, you can finally take that step from practicing for free to playing for real money, and most importantly having some real winnings to show for it!

How to Withdraw Using a Debit Card

As a general rule, all of the verified casinos we review here at USA Online Casino will not credit your debit card with your withdrawal. To do so is time consuming and prohibitively expensive for the casinos. Withdrawal methods include bank transfer, bank check and Bitcoin.

Most Popular Debit Cards Accepted

Maestro Debit Card

maestro casino logoMaestro is a global network and is accepted at over 13 million locations around the world at 1.9 million ATMs. It’s one of the world’s most popular debit cards and allows you to make payments in brick and mortar shops as well as online based on the funds available in your account. They have helpful features for convenience and privacy. For example, you can just tap instead of swiping and signing. In addition, there is a code for each online transaction that must be independently approved for added security. The company also has a multi-level fraud monitoring system in place to protect consumer data and prevent fraud.

Visa Debit Card

visa casino logoThe Visa Debit Card is issued in many countries around the world, including the U.S. and Canada and has long been one of the worlds most popular debit cards thanx to its enhanced security features and ease of use. Outside the U.S., Canada, Australia and Ireland Visa issues a sister card to the Visa Debit Card called Visa Electron. The difference is that Visa Electron generally never allows overdrafts, whereas Visa debit Cards have an overdraft limit as set by your bank or credit union.

Other Debit Cards

other debit cardsDebit cards come in a variety of types, depending on the issuer, including prepaid cards such as American Express Serve®, PayPal™ Prepaid MasterCard®, KAIKU Visa Prepaid Card, AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card, Western Union® NetSpend® Prepaid MasterCard®, and NetSpend® Visa® Prepaid Card. To find our if your favorite casino accepts these debit cards check at the cashier or simply contact the casino’s 24/7 customer service via live chat, email or toll-free number with your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to play online casinos using a debit card?

Absolutely. Debit cards are a safe, easy and fast way to start playing immediately. All of the casinos we review here at USA Online Casino have been checked to ensure they use the highest levels of encryption technology, completely on par with most major financial institutions, to make sure your personal data is safe, secure and private at all times.

Are there fees involved in using a debit card to make an online casino deposit?

No. Today’s online casinos understand two things very clearly, speed and trust. When you want to play, you want to play, not spend ridiculous amounts of time waiting to make a deposit or worried that you’ll get ripped off. That means making sure your deposits are instantaneous, safe, secure and transparent is mission critical. Moreover, debit card deposits are always free of any fees or surcharges. Good online casinos intend to earn and keep your trust.

Can I play at an online casino using my debit card?

Yes, of course, as long as you’re of legal age. To ensure players conform to the relevant legal requirements in their jurisdiction, it is not uncommon for online casinos to ask for validation of your identity in the form of a copy, scan or smartphone picture of your card and ID. Casinos consider this the best way to stay in tune with local regulations while providing an added level of security for players.

What debit cards can I use to play at online casinos?

While there are some exceptions, in terms of online casinos that accept a wider selection of debit cards, all of the casinos we review at USA Online Casino accept Maestro and Visa Electron debit cards.

How do I make a deposit using a debit card?

It’s as easy as one, two, three. One – simply register at your casino of choice. Two – go to the casino cashier and enter your card details, including card number, expiration date and the three-digit CVC security code on the back. Three – click “Make a deposit” and you’re ready to play. It’s that easy!

Can I withdraw money using my credit card?

Unfortunately, no. Sending your withdrawals to your debit card is a costly and time-consuming process for the casinos, so as a general rule, at least for all of the verified casinos we review here at USA Online Casino, withdrawal methods are limited to bank transfer, bank check or Bitcoin.

In what countries can I use my debit card to make an online casino deposit?

Making online casino deposits using your debit card in the US and Canada is easy. Other countries, however, may have specific legislation in place preventing the use of a debit card to make an online casino deposit. Contact the 24/7 customer support at your casino of choice for details if you have any questions about using your debit card to make a deposit in your country of origin.

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