It’s the holiday season again, and 2020 has been one of the most challenging years we have faced. But Santa’s sleigh stops for no one, and this year is no exception. With many stores closing or operating on limited hours due to COVID, online shopping is booming.

There is really no limit to the number of fun and creative gambling gifts available this holiday season. If you want to impress your gambling friends or family members, the following gifts are perfect for the avid gambler or budding card shark in your social sphere.

Poker Set

Trademark Poker Dice Style SetNothing says you are serious about poker like a poker set. The shiny aluminum case holds a portable casino: cards, chips, buttons, and markers, just waiting for a game of Texas Hold’em to break out.

In the age of social distancing, a poker set makes the perfect gift for anybody who wants to meet in small groups to socialize, gamble, and empty the pockets of family and friends.

The best thing about poker sets is that they come in hundreds of types, and many of them come with custom card and chip sets. Kardwell International is a great place to shop for poker sets online. Order your customized poker set with a choice of colors, logo, or monogrammed chips and cards for under $100, or add your own photos or designs for $50 more.

Poker Table

If your gambling friend already has a poker set, they probably don’t have a nice poker table to hold ‘em and fold ‘em. If you’re looking for a gift that will seriously impress your poker pal, consider getting them a poker table.

Rather than terrorizing their partner with weekly card games at the dining room table, they can move the action into the garage, smoke up a storm, and there’s no mess in the dining room to clean up. Many standalone poker tables come with their own ashtrays and cupholders for under $200.

If your card shark has no spare space for a dedicated poker table, try the BBO combo poker and dining table for a speakeasy casino experience. The table comes in custom colors and includes a dining tabletop and chairs. Just remove the top, shuffle the cards, and deal!

Roulette Wheel

You would have to be a serious gambler to have a roulette wheel in your home. It doesn’t seem like a very practical thing to have, but imagine how great it would feel for your gambling friend to hear the exclamation “You have a roulette wheel?” every time they invite someone over to their house.

gambling rouletteFortunately, there’s a roulette wheel for every budget. You could order an inexpensive plastic jobby with a felt cloth betting board for under forty bucks. And when the gambling is done, it can always double as a spinning spice rack.

Or you can splurge on a deluxe mahogany roulette wheel with ivory numbers and gold-plated accents for $8,000. But if that’s too much bling, you can always opt for roulette drinking games with rotating shot glasses.

Gambling Books

Long before the total of human knowledge was crammed into websites and blogs, there was this invention that contained words and sentences printed in ink on paper. These ‘paper blogs’ were found in massive stores which stocked them on the shelves.

Nowadays, there is still a use for the odd coffee table book or how-to guide to everything from abseiling to ziplining. The same applies for gambling books. If your gambling pal is just getting started, you can’t go wrong with a book like Casino Gambling for Dummies. The book is the perfect primer for beginners but also has enough useful tips and strategies to intrigue the intermediate gambler.

Gambling books are reasonably priced and offer a wealth of knowledge and tips at your fingertips. Pick a book by game or topic, from baccarat for beginners to card counting in blackjack. Fans of Texas Hold’em poker can learn from the world champions with books like Super/System, written by poker pro Doyle Brunson.

Casino Decorations

Part of the fun of poker night at home is to replicate the thrills of live casino gambling, right in the comfort of your own home. You’ve got the poker table, you’ve got a customized poker set, and the garage is set up for the party.

But the right casino décor will add to the overall experience of poker night. A quick spin of the internet search wheel will scare up a huge amount of ideas for your personal poker room. Order personalized dice or decorations with playing card suites on them.

Visit Las VegasPick up a Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas LED sign on Amazon for only $32. Or for a more personal touch, check out Etsy for some crafty ideas and handmade casino swag. Casino cocktail and glassware is sure to come in handy and buying direct from small businesses via Etsy or Pinterest can really make a difference for creative craftspeople.

Poker MasterClass

For the poker player who has it all, the only thing left to achieve is to master the art of poker. And what better way to do that than with a MasterClass from the top card sharks in the game? MasterClass offers instructional videos taught by the top poker players in the world; players who have won millions of dollars and multiple bracelets at the World Series of Poker.

Buy your poker play a MasterClass from Daniel Negreanu or Phil Ivey, two of the greatest poker players who ever lived. Learn tips from the poker pros about everything from the art of the poker face to how to spot your opponents’ tells. Learn about game theory, bankroll management, advanced poker strategy, and more.

At the time of writing, MasterClass is offering a ‘buy one get one free’ offer on their classes. So, buy MasterClasses from both Negreanu and Ivey.


If you don’t have the budget for an $8,000 roulette wheel or mahogany poker table, fret not. There’s still a way for you to give someone a life-changing amount of money for Christmas: lottery tickets.

lottery ticketsThese cheap stocking stuffers come in a variety of game types and themes, and most serious gamblers avoid them because they offer a low return on the investment.

But there’s still a chance to let fate decide on how much you spend on gambling gifts. Gifting someone with a handful of lottery tickets or scratch cards is a great stocking stuffer, and the actual value of the gift varies wildly. Who knows? Maybe you’ll give your friend a million-dollar ticket.

Ready, Set, Shop!

There you have it: some of the greatest gifts you can get for your friend or family member who likes games of chance. Whether they are a poker player, a blackjack buff, or a roulette regular, a snazzy gambling gift adds just the right sparkle to their game night.


Disclaimer: All images are copyright of their respective owners and are used by USA Online Casino for informational purposes only.

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