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Whoever said, “being a nice guy doesn’t pay off?”

Colin Banks, a construction worker from Scotland, has become somewhat of a local celebrity for his kind and generous act and proving that doing the right thing does indeed pay off.

Without a second thought, Banks turned in £30 ($40.50), which was sticking out of a store’s ATM. Unlike many people who probably would have pocketed the “easy cash,” Banks decided to give the money to one of the store’s employees.

What would happen, just literally under an hour later, leads many to wonder about the legitimacy of this story. Many people are questioning whether there really is such a thing as karma, or was this story just a great publicity stunt for the now famous gambling shop to bring in more customers.

Off to the betting shop

horce racingAfter performing his good deed, Banks, who was with his daughter at the time, mentioned to her about their prosperous future.
“They saw what was happening and actually said that good times were coming our way because we had done the right thing,” Zoe Banks said.
Just a half-hour later, Banks and his daughter visited a nearby Betfred sports betting shop. Banks decided to play a virtual horse-betting game called “Lucky 15.” The sports-betting game does a great job at offering an experience that is realistic.

These particular games are a favorite pastime across Europe and are something that the United States seeks to make legal.

The computer-generated games allow players to pick horses against the odds. Banks chose horses with the odds at 28-1; 20-1, 50-1; and 11-1. All these were long shots.

When the horses on which he had betted won, he was awestruck.

Good deeds are always rewarding

Poker-strategy-guideThe rewards that Banks earned were highly unexpected, especially when you consider all he wagered was £1.50 ($2) on the horses. Banks’ earnings were nearly £50,000 ($66,000).

His jackpot prize earning was considered to be one of the biggest wins the sports-betting shop has had in more than 50 years.

With the holidays just around the corner, it appears that Christmas came early for Banks and his family.

After receiving his earnings, he purchased a used car and later remarked,

“that this Christmas will be a great holiday for him and his family.”

He is an excellent example of someone paying it forward. Good deeds don’t go unnoticed. And, when you do the right thing, the universe listens and rewards you for the good you have done.

The kind act of turning in £30 ($40.50) was profoundly noble. It pays to be honest, and it shows. Banks only wagered £1.50 ($2) on a virtual game and received roughly £50,000 ($66,000) as a reward.

Not the only one

Banks is not the only person who has received an enormous return on his or her wager. Last month, a player at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Fla., wagered $3 on a spin of a Twin Fire Quick Hit machine and a Hot Spot machine and won $2.3 million.

And, in October, a woman in San Antonio wagered $1 on a Wheel of Fortune game in Las Vegas’ Paris Hotel and won $1.3 million.

These small wagers and huge returns are, for many people, the reason they are so hopeful about gambling.

Although the latter of these two earned several times more than Banks, the overall reward of doing the right thing is, in the end, much more valuable.

The story of Colin Banks is very inspiring, and it shows that good things happen to good people.

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