Despite its recent shortcomings, ZeroCoin is expected to be in continuous demand from everyone online because the cryptocurrency can now be used to build a personal digital casino in no time thanks to some help from online casino platform Zero Edge.

ZeroCoin, which was the brainchild of Matthew D. Green, a computer science professor at Johns Hopkins University, aims to provide more security to bitcoin transactions by including some sort of Morse Code in the bitcoin protocol.

However, the security of ZeroCoin was put to a test in February 2017 when hackers were able to penetrate its system. As a result, the cryptocurrency company released 370,000 tokens. These tokens were then reportedly sold by the thieves for 400 bitcoins, which is equivalent to $440,000.

Nonetheless, the management of ZeroCoin was quick to reveal to the public a symbol error in the code was the cause of the breach. Management assured everyone that security has been tightened.

The Partnership of ZeroCoin and Zero Edge

ZeroEdge casinoThe partnership of ZeroCoin and Zero Edge is expected to blaze a trail through the online casino industry. The white-label online casino has been declared to be good to go and will be available to the public soon.

Through this program, Zero Edge, which has been widely recognized for sports and live-betting, and casino and poker games will now be a haven for aspiring businesspeople to start a casino online with just a little amount of capital.

Among the classic casino games being offered by Zero Edge online is BlackJack, Slots, Arabian Nights, Fruity Bar, Wheel of Fortune, Greyhound Racing, Keno, Poker, and Roulette 3-D.

Investing in ZeroCoin to play in Zero Edge

To be able to play casino games in Zero Edge, the online casino company requires gamblers to invest in ZeroCoin to help further the reach of the cryptocurrency.

According to the website of Zero Edge, the online casino platform will officially be available to the public right after all ZeroCoins are circulated using Initial Coin Offering.

In a tutorial posted on ZeroCoin’s website, someone who is aiming to own a casino will be receiving 1 percent of the ZeroCoins that were deposited by his or her players.

In addition, ZeroCoin also said on its website that it will be responsible for providing your casino with customers.

What makes the Zero Edge casino platform such a bargain for users is it won’t be adapting to the traditional style. Any house edge will be removed, therefore, there will be more chances to win.

House edges have been commonly used by casinos around the world to help guarantee higher profits regardless of higher winnings by their gamblers.

In addition, the ZeroCoin cryptocurrency will also enable gamblers to earn profits they can use to bet on the online casino games available.

Other Advantages

online casinoBesides the absence of a house edge, other primary advantages of the online casino platform include an increase in a player’s bankroll monetary value, immediate withdrawal and deposit processes, and all games are verified to be legitimate by the Ethereum blockchain.

Other positive characteristics of the platform are free money withdrawals and deposits, and its transparency, which is being directed by the smart contracts of Ethereum.

Furthermore, it will also give casino owners some leeway because Zero Edge will not be giving you some competition when attracting potential customers.

The self-built casino will also feature the previously mentioned classic casino games, as well as new casino fun in the hope of elevating the experience of every gambler to the next level.

To be updated with the complete Initial Coin Offering, everyone is encouraged to visit the Zero Edge and ZeroCoin websites.

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