Fashion Trends for 2019

Fashion has taken some interesting turns this year. There’s been a resurgence of many of the styles we enjoyed in decades past. A combination of bright colors and earth tones have graced runways and personal wardrobes. Two thousand eighteen has also been the year of oversized blazers and jackets, tailored pants suits, and the color lavender. While we can definitely appreciate these trends and may see them again in a few years, it is time to prepare for 2022 fashionably. There are several new and exciting trends to excite fashion lovers, as well as some classic fashion philosophies. Looking for some creative ways to update your look or want to know how trendy you already are? These 2022 trends could inspire you.

Boiler Suits

One-piece suits that boast a utilitarian design were featured in all major fashion cities for the upcoming spring and summer trends. The boiler suit definitely stood out, since it’s a stylish take on suits that were originally designed for manual labor. There are lots of cuts and colors to choose from, so you don’t have to stick with traditional hues of tan or beige. Boiler suits can also be worn with anything from sleek heels to high-top sneakers, so it is easy to take a look from day to night.

Neo-Gothic Style

If you were a fan of the gothic trend that was popular in the 1990s and early 2000s, neo-gothic is likely the style for you. This trend is characterized by all-black outfits paired with trendy accessories. The neo-gothic style is freeform, which means you can wear any pieces you want that are black. Black cargo pants, T-shirts, and even blazers are part of this trend. Dark eye makeup can help to complete the look, or you can add a bold red lip to dress up the trend.

Shades of Lavender

Lavender was trendy in 2018, and this color trend continues into 2022. Ultra Violet even voted Color of the Year by Pantone in 2018, since the designers were opting for bolder colors. However, the trend for 2022 includes a more subdued shade of purple. This hue is appropriate for formal wear, the workplace, and casual outfits. Lavender will likely be seen in several clothing pieces in 2022 . Designers have also added the color to coat and boots. Expect to see pants and skirt suits in lavender, as well as maxi dresses and slacks in variations of lavender. The color looks great on virtually all skin tones and adds a soft, feminine touch to clothing.

Biking Shorts and Blazers

These are two clothing items that don’t usually go together. That is until fashion designers decided to pair the two and bring us a new 2022 trend. Biking shorts and blazers are likely on trend for the coming year due to the growing popularity of athleisure clothing. Athleisure involves a mixture of athletic pieces and casual or dressy casual clothing. The result is a look that is both relaxed and polished. Biking shorts are also very fitted, which makes them ideal for pairing with large blazers. It is safe to say that this trend is too outgoing for the office and impractical for the gym. However, it can be worn to a variety of events, like brunch with friends or even a casual date.

Animal Print

Animal print has been popular for a few years and is a nod to the fashions of decades past. However, there is a good chance that animal print will continue to be all the rage at Spring/Summer 2022. Leopard print is projected to be the favorite with people who wear this trend. The print was featured in several garments on the runway, including trench coats, suits, dresses, and pants. Leopard print is often paired with bright colors like red and purple. Of course, black clothing always pairs well with an animal print coat. In addition to leopard print, zebra and cheetah print are on trend for the coming year as well. Larger prints are especially refined and sophisticated, while smaller prints are more noticeable and carefree.

Ruffles and Layers

Dresses that make you feel like you’re on your way to a fancy party (even if you’re not) are on trend for 2022. Dolce and Gabbana was one of the popular designers to premiere “doll” dresses on the runway. These dresses have several layers, and many of these dresses have a floral print. A number of these dresses are reminiscent of the glamorous 70’s style. Whether you love bright colors or prefer a softer color scheme, you can find a layered and ruffled dress that is just right for you. Many of these dresses have lace embellishments in the collar or sleeve. The dresses can go all the way to the floor, or you can select a mini or a midi dress for a flirty look.


Feathers can be both elegant and fun. Designers are predicting that clothing with feather accents will attract fashionistas in the coming year. Feathered camisoles and tank tops can be paired with pants suits. Purses with feathers can be worn in both office and casual settings. There are even several varieties of sandals and heels with feather accents, making their debut in 2022. Feathered clothing and accessories will be available in bright neon shades, as well as neutral and jewel tones. Dries Van Noten created a number of stunning and inspired feathered looks for the coming season. Fabric and other materials are used to make the feather, so no actual animal feathers are used in most feather designs.

Earth Tones

While there are a few pronounced colors that are making their way into 2022’s fashion trends, earth tones will be a staple as well. Shades of brown, blush, tan and beige are making their way onto the runways. If you are looking for a tailored skirt or pants suit, need a new formal dress, or need go-to separates, neutral hues are a great choice. Earth-toned shoes are also trendy since heels and boots in subtle hues can make the legs appear longer. Trench coats, blazers, and dresses from Burberry in this color scheme will likely be seen everywhere in Spring/Summer 2022.


If earth tones are not your thing, you may want to add more yellow to your 2022 wardrobe. Softer shades like pastel yellow are on trend, but brighter hues like marigold and lemon are the focus for the upcoming fashion year. The color makes dresses and slacks more exciting. In addition, they can be paired with black or shades of brown for a balanced look that is still eye-catching. A number of fashion designers debuted beautiful yellow pieces at the Spring/Summer 2022 fashion show, including Balenciaga.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are not just for children’s clothing. The dots, especially in the black and white color scheme, are part of 2022’s most fashionable trends. It’s also perfectly fine to wear polka dots in varying sizes in one outfit. Aside from the classic black and white polka dot pattern, smaller polka dots in a jewel tone and white combination are also fashion-forward.

Hippie Fashion

If you have always marched to the beat of your own fashion drum, you will be totally on trend in 2022. The hippie chic look is back. You can mix a variety of patterns and colors for a look that is completely original. Clothing pieces that belong to this trend include acid wash jeans with a vintage T-shirt and leather vest. Designers like Calvin Klein are also reintroducing tie-dye patterns in 2022 clothing.

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