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Playing PC games is one of the most popular pastimes for players of all ages, from children right up to adults who are retired and looking for ways to fill their time. There are plenty of choices out there online for players of all tastes and preferences. So, whether they enjoy fighting games, strategy or simple platform-style gaming, there is sure to be something to suit everyone.

There are some older games that can be found online completely free of charge if you know where to look. But, for those who are keen to try out newer releases without paying a fortune, the good news is it isn’t always necessary to pay for these new titles. There are several sites that allow players to download recent releases without paying a penny. And, while some are not legal, there are many others that are and are suitable for use by a wide range of people who want to ensure they abide by legislation without defrauding the software development companies.

If you’re looking for free PC games that you can download to your computer legally and play whenever you like, you might not know where to start your search. Many of the best games cost a lot of money if you want to unlock premium content. But, the good news is there are several websites that often give away the best quality paid games completely free of charge. Here are 10 of best online game website options where you can find a free computer game that suits your tastes, if you keep on top of your search.

1 – Origin On the House

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origin on the houseOrigin is one of the best-known websites for downloading games on the Internet, and although Origin usually charges for its premium game content, occasionally, it will offer free games on its website for anyone to download and play whenever he or she likes. These games are not demos or trials but are complete versions of games or expansion packs. Since big name games, such as Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 2, have been hosted on Origin, it makes sense to check it frequently to see if you can download a chargeable PC game completely free.

2 – Reddit’s R/Freegames Subreddit

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Although there are several subreddits that are dedicated to giving games away for free, one of the best is r/freegames. Here, users can submit their links to giveaways and full games that are available free of charge. Therefore, this is a good spot to find some freebies.

3 – Steamgifts

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If you’re looking for plenty of choice and variety, Steamgifts is one of the best websites to use. Home to a large gamer community, if you become a member, you can set up a profile that allows you to participate in giveaways and try to win games that have already been redeemed by other members on Steam. This site has the added advantage of being well-protected from scammers.

4 – Humble Bundle

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humble bundleHumble Bundle offers an impressive game collection, with some of the purchase price going to charity. This site frequently organizes giveaways of Steam keys, and it also has its own subreddit for giveaways and requests so you can get your hands on premium games legally and completely free.

5 – SteamCompanion

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Similar in style and content to Steamgifts, SteamCompanion allows players to download chargeable PC game content free of charge. People can use this site to host their own Steam giveaways and to try out Steam games and win them. To participate, you simply link your own Steam account to the SteamCompanion portal.

6 – Green Man Gaming

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green man gamingEvery month, Green Man Gaming hosts its own giveaway of paid games, giving the lucky winners a Steam key so they can download the game free of charge. This online game retailer is in the United Kingdom, and is based on a catalog of more than 5,000 games from a total of 450 publishers. This award-winning site represents a great opportunity to get your hands on free premium content.

7 – GOG

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If you would like the opportunity to try out premium games completely free of charge, keep your eyes firmly fixed on the GOG digital distribution platform. This site has an ongoing deal with Ubisoft, the software giant, which enables GOG to publish a variety of games from the Ubisoft back catalog. Every year, GOG gives away a minimum of two or three premium games, and because each giveaway lasts for about 48 hours, you can easily get your hands on top-quality games.

8 – DLH.Net

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One site that has been around for more than two decades is DLH.Net. Created by gamers for gamers, DLH.Net has developed a large community of like-minded individuals. Originally christened “Dirty Little Helper,” its purpose was to post tricks and cheats for a variety of popular games. Now, DLH.Net regularly gives away Steam game keys free of charge while also providing a free Steam key for any new users who register with the site.

9 – Steam

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steamSteam has several communities and groups that give players the chance to receive paid PC games completely free of charge. Free Games Giveaways is just one of these groups that has more than 13,000 users and where you can find legal giveaways of games, Steam gifts, Steam game keys, in-game items, and game cards without having to pay a penny. The Game GiveAway Group is another active community, and, since its inception, it has given players more than 100,000 games without any cost.

10 – IGN Beta Giveaway

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Another site that offers you paid computer games completely free of charge is IGN Beta Giveaway. Prime members of this site can redeem their beta code and obtain full access to several paid games. The games that are available will vary throughout the year, but have previously included big names, such as Destiny 2.

Other Options

There are many other websites out there that give players the chance to find free games they love to play. For example, those with a bit of technical know-how can find some great options on Software Library: MS-DOS, but, of course, this requires players know how to use the MS-DOS system to access the content. CroTorrent is another option for the tech-savvy who know how to do torrenting. For those who are looking for child-friendly content, MyPlayCity is a valuable resource for free games for children, although there are limited titles for adult players.

This list of the top 10 websites for free games in 2022 should help you to access plenty of free content that ordinarily you would have to pay handsomely for. By becoming a member of these sites, you will stand the best possible chance of being able to scoop yourself plenty of premium content without ever having to open your wallet. While not  all these sites have free content available all the time, if you keep track of them regularly, you’re sure to find frequent giveaways that can really fit the bill and keep you entertained all year long.

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