If it’s your first time to fly first class, the thought of it can be intimidating.
However, you might be surprised to know that not all elite passengers are multimillionaires, celebrities, or sports athletes. They are ordinary flyers like you and me who realized early it’s cost-effective to check in for premium seats, especially if they take up so much mileage in a year.

The simple fact is this: You have no idea what you are missing until you’ve tried to fly first class.

That Leg Room Alone is Worth the Ticket

Paying extra on your tickets will provide you with some luxuries. For instance, you have wider seats and more leg room. On some airlines, you get what amounts to a bed in the air, which would be a godsend when you are on a long-haul flight. The free food and beverages, as well as the first-class service you enjoyed in the lounge area, will continue when you are on board.

If your flight is delayed for some reason, first-class passengers are shuttled to a hotel. You will probably receive some envious stares, but, for the most part, the other passengers never see you anyway because you get to board and deplane first. While waiting at the terminal, you will be herded off to the luxurious lounge where you may sample the buffet spread courtesy of the airline.

You can go to SeatGuru, so you will have an idea of what each seat will look like before you even board the plane.

Turbulence is for the Common People

OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But, the fact is if you hate turbulence, then first class is for you. Apart from the fact you may likely be sleeping in your very comfortable chair, multiple studies have shown the front of the plane experiences the least turbulence. This is probably why the first-class section is there. As for the worst, better avoid the back of the plane.

Here are some of the luxuries you will enjoy in first class:

• You can eat whenever you want – the food is prepared by top chefs, so you are essentially eating at luxury restaurants while you’re in the air. You can also dip into the snack basket anytime you like.

• Free alcohol – Nonalcoholic beverages are free, too. But, here you can sip champagne at 6 a.m. and nobody will look at you funny. You can also enjoy harder drinks, such as whiskey, rum, and gin. Alcohol is free-flowing in the premium seat, so you really must rein yourself in before you get too drunk.

• Silence and comfort – Flying coach may be near impossible if you want to finish that report when your seatmate is pushing up against you. But, the ambiance in first class is worth the extra cost. It allows you enough time to finish a task and get your free drinks afterward.

• Free Internet connection– This will really allow you to be productive if you need to do a presentation, or just want to kill some time. Plus, the Internet will allow you to entertain your kids and not disturb the other passengers.

• You don’t have to line up to use the bathroom– Well, sometimes you do, but it’s very rare. The thought of using the bathroom anytime you like is such a comforting feeling, especially if you drank a lot of the freshly brewed coffee offered by the airline.

The best thing is you don’t even feel guilty about pushing the call button whenever you want. Of course, flight attendants are so attentive to your needs it will take your resolve not to shoo them away, so you can sleep.

Best Solution for Jet Lag

If you’re on a long-haul trip that forces you to cross time zones, jet lag can be a problem. One of the best ways to beat jet lag is to get a good night’s sleep before the flight. But, if you can’t do this, another alternative is to sleep throughout the flight. The ambiance in the first-class section is conducive to that. That means you arrive at your destination fully refreshed.

For businesspeople, there’s an opportunity to expand your network with the other travelers as well. Countless business deals have been closed in first class over the years.
Some airlines have bathrooms with a shower, such as the A380 airlines of Emirates and Etihad, for example. If you need to freshen up, that luxury is priceless. However, this is more an exception rather than the rule. You will find most bathrooms in the first-class section are the same as in the coach except, perhaps, they’re a little bigger and there are no long lines.

Plenty of Storage Space

In the first-class section, you have the overhead storage all to yourself. No more fighting with other passengers who seem to bring one carry-on bag too many and have the gall to put it in your designated spot. We’re sure you’ve experienced this many times, and you have to ask for the assistance of the flight attendant to find you another vacant space, which is located a good distance away from you are sitting.

When the doors open, you will have to wait for all the other passengers to file out before you can get to your bag. Meanwhile, you glance at the direction of your bag every so often to make sure nobody carries it out accidentally.
Imagine having to avoid all that when you fly first class?

Is There a Dress Code in first class?

When flying first class, you have to wonder: Is there a dress code?
The short answer is no.

In theory, what you would wear in the economy section would work just as well in first class. You don’t wear clothes that are too revealing because some airlines do frown upon passengers showing too much skin.

Wear clothes you are comfortable in. You are not required to be in your business suit or dress inside the premium cabin.

In fact, some airlines request passengers in first class to wear the pajamas and slippers that are handed out for free.

So, regardless if you fly first class or economy, you should remember a few ground rules:
• Don’t wear revealing clothes.
• Bare feet should be avoided.
• Bikini tops are a no-no.
• Shirts with offensive or racist text are not allowed.

With that said, there’s something about wearing a business suit or dressing smart casual while flying. Unlike in coach, you can afford to dress up in the first-class section because you know that when you step out of the plane, you will still be looking and feeling like a million bucks.

In conclusion, when you add all the extra fees and costs, the difference between the price of the seat in coach and first class shrinks considerably. In some instances, you might even save money if you have a big appetite for food and drinks. Besides, one secret that airlines don’t tell you is that the competition really drove down the price of admission into the premium section because they would rather sell those seats than just hand them around on upgrades during flights.

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