It’s the place where Ned and Homer head to in the Simpsons and wake up with much more than they bargained for, where famous couples such as Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra or Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton have tied the knot over the years — a place where you can even get blessed by Elvis. 

Las Vegas sees thousands of last minute elopements, shotgun weddings, civil partnerships and private marital ceremonies each and every year. So it’s no wonder there are always bridal stores with open doors and marriage services you can use at the shortest notice. 

If you’re thinking about taking a quick trip to Sin City any time soon, and think there just might be a possibility of bells ringing in the background while you’re there, here’s how and where you can quickly grab all of the bits you’ll need to experience your big day in Vegas, while making it a special one to remember.

Step One: Set the Date

If you’re looking to invite friends and family to your wedding, it’s best to get a date down in your diary as you’ll be able to keep track of how many attendees you’ll need to account for, plus budgets for hotels and transport. If, however, you’re looking to have a quick and easy wedding with just the two of you, the date and capacity isn’t really that important. 

There are always chapels and drive-thru wedding services available anywhere you look in Vegas — but if you’re going to have a big ceremony, setting a date along with the venue are the first priorities to ensure you’ll have the space, staff and resources in order to properly accommodate your guests. 

Step Two: Book the Venue

Again, if you’re looking to have a quick, off-the-cuff wedding then you can probably find a venue willing to marry you the very same day. Plus, there are an array of great all-inclusive wedding packages designed to provide you with all the basics for your wedding at a highly affordable price. 

But if you’re looking to invite a large group of guests to your special day and want to be more involved and specific when it comes to the organizing, then finding a venue with space and availability is the next big thing to strike off the list before you begin making other plans. 

Step Three: Get Your Marriage License

Before you can legally tie the knot anywhere, you need to ensure you have the right paperwork and provide some personal details such as ID and social security, etc. This applies to Vegas as well, but luckily it’s very easy and straightforward to apply for and simply means a visit to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau. Both persons due to be wed must be of 18 years of age or over to be granted a license, and it remains valid for a maximum of one year before you would need to reapply. 

Step Four: The Dress 

While you could just take your own dress if you wanted to plan ahead a bit, if you happen to be short of one while you’re vacationing in Vegas, there are multiple stores such as Madame Bridal and Azazie offering affordable wedding dresses that can be delivered to you the next day. Occasionally, they have clearance sales where you can pick up a wonderful new dress for as little as $35! If you don’t mind a pre-owned wedding dress, there are also multiple outlets selling beautiful second-hand gowns in a range of classy and elegant designs. 

Step Five: The Rings

If you and your bride/husband-to-be want to purchase titanium or any other similar metals, there will likely be a long waiting list in Vegas. For any couples who would be happy to have standard ring materials such as gold or silver as their wedding bands, you should easily be able to pick up something stylish and affordable practically anywhere in the City of Lights.

There are a few Tiffany shops in Crystal and Caesars Mall for starters, along with some independent boutiques and shops that also offer second hand wedding and engagement rings. 

Step Six: Photographer & Flowers

Finding a skilled wedding photographer to come and capture your big day last minute might be a challenge for most, but there are some great florists like Rose Shack and Flora Couture selling affordable, tasteful wedding bouquets in practically all the high streets.

Basic wedding photography services can be found for as little as $500 depending on how many hours you will want them there and whether you want to include a videographer. 

Step Seven: The Cake

Catering is probably not even necessary if it’s just the two of you, and you can pick up a deliciously sweet and creamy dessert for your ceremonial cutting for a few bucks, any time day or night, from the multiple Las Vegas bakeries and caterers.

But if you want to go all out on the sweets for your wedding, why not get creative and save costs by ordering a tray of cupcakes or donuts from Pastry Palace? You can even find custom cake shops that will whip up something for you the same day in places like Charleston Boulevard and Sahara Avenue. 

Step Nine: The Big Day

All the preparations are in place and the big day has arrived! Tighten your bowtie and smooth out the veil as you get ready to marry Vegas style! Whether you’ve booked a private chauffeur, a minibus for your wedding party, or will be skipping your way down the aisle from your hotel – you’re about to stare into your life love’s eyes and say “I do” while being blessed by the lights, buzzes and thrills of Vegas that surround you. 

Step 10: Time to Party!

Congratulations! You’ve officially tied the knot and can enjoy the rest of your time in Sin City riding the newly wed waves! Maybe you’ll decide to have an extreme afterparty with some bungee jumping or a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon to celebrate? Perhaps you’ll spend your honeymoon taking to the tables at some of the city’s most notorious casinos or indulge in some Vegas-style 5-star Michelin dining

However you decide to honor your amazing new bond with each other, it’s going to be the ultimate experience you’ll surely cherish for the rest of your lives. May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy!

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