The Best Casino Destinations 2018

Living in the glitz, and the glam of casinos is great. Life is fast-paced and exciting. Until it is vacation time and you’re unsure how to sort through the options to discover something entirely new. The perfect destination must feature lots of slots and table games coupled with magnificent neon lights and endless buffets.

Choosing the best casino destination is overwhelming. Relax, this happens all the time, whether you are a seasoned traveler or you’re planning your first trip. Here are the five best casino destinations of 2018.

Las Vegas, Nevada

las vegas

Las Vegas is a sanctuary for gaming fanatics. The city has more casinos than you’ve seen anywhere else. Visiting each one on a single trip would be impossible. The top-rated Caesars Palace features a sportsbook that has every gambler in the city coming back. The sportsbook takes gaming to another level. The sportsbook offers you a chance to wager on your favorite sports teams for real money.

You can sit in big roomy, comfortable chairs enjoying the live games in the casino’s most prized asset. The sportsbook has a 138-foot LED video wall coupled with several jumbo-sized 12-by-15 foot plasma displays. The sportsbook also has a 20-by-50 foot LED boards. The masterminds behind this impressive concept want you to enjoy every second of the game. Walking into the unique décor and giant chandeliers feel like you’ve just stepped in Caesar’s front door. If you need a drink or some food you can order using the Caesars application.

Remember that you’re yet to sample the great slot tables in ARIA. In total, ARIA has over 2,000 slots. The latest additions include The Walking Dead II, Anchorman, and The Simpsons. The high-limit rooms inside the casino called SPIN have slots that cost a whopping $5,000 per pull. Other top casinos include The Best Poker Casino, Bellagio, non-gamblers MGM Grand, and The Golden Nugget. These casinos take pride in having the widest variety of table games.

Several nightclubs, concerts, high-end bistros, and affordable accommodation options are also available. Las Vegas has everything you are looking for in a casino destination, as long as you do not lose everything.

Macau, China

Macau, China

Casinos are the heart of Macau’s tourism economy. Because of this, investors go to such great lengths to make your casino experience otherworldly. You’ll find lots of streets lined with casinos on both sides. The abundance of casinos makes the city the most preferred casino destination for every gambler in India.

Macau is the world’s most successful gaming city. The glittering gaming dens raked up more revenue than the STRIP in Las Vegas over the ten past years. Word on the street is that the average gambler in Macau wagers $1,354 in comparison to $156 in Vegas. A condition associated with the country’s fast-growing middle class with an insatiable appetite for gambling.

The world’s biggest casino, The Venetian, has more than 370,000 feet of gaming space. The ample gaming space gives you more than enough room to place your best wager. This giant houses more than 600 gaming tables and about 1,700 slots. The tables consist of blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. The Venetian has more than 3,000 executive suites, numerous restaurants, and bars, and a complete rooftop golfing course.

Your next stop at The Grand Lisboa will confirm your wildest dreams, yet again. This casino is designed to look like an oversized golden lotus flower; the outside is as good as the inside. Try your hand at close to 230 American roulette and baccarat tables, and 880 slots. Other casino destinations worth a mention are the Wynn Palace, MGM Cotai, and Morpheus.

Touring the 24-hour economy affords you the freedom to sample Indian merchandise on the other side of town. Stroll through the main square, Largo do Senado and visit one of the many bars on Rua S. Domingo.

London, England

London, England

If you make a £100 bet at a table in London, know that another person may bet several thousand pounds. Gambling is a substantial element of London culture. London has several streets and monuments named after a 17th-century courtier. The courtier, Sir Thomas Neale, also worked as a croupier. London’s oldest casino establishment, Crockfords, dates back 1828.

If you stay at the great Ritz London casino, you’ll enjoy complimentary membership to the Ritz Club Casino. This subscription costs £1,000; however, it is available to you for the length of your stay. Ritz gaming options include 15 blackjack, roulette, and stud poker tables. Carrying the Ritz name means the casino does not leave anything to chance. Expect to be blown away by the style and sophistication developed throughout a century.

There are many casino destinations frequented by high-roller gamers. Among these destinations are the Colony Club, Horizons, Grosvenor St Giles, The Barracuda London, and Grosvenor Victoria. The city casinos offer more than 690 slots and about 360 gaming tables.

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

A trip to the great city by the Alps gives you a glimpse of what’s possible when history and gaming come together. Salzburg’s Baroque-era buildings add to the allure on the gaming tables. Salzburg is an excellent casino destination, especially if you’re traveling with a non-gambler. Let the non-gambler climb the Alps, go cycling, or join the Sound of Music Tour. In the meantime, you try your luck in the vast collection of games.

The most intriguing of them all is the Casino Salzburg. Its highly-prized Kleissheim Castle offers culinary assortments not found anywhere else. It is the oldest in the region, with a foundation dating back to 1934. It closed for a while during World War II and regained its former glory in 1950. The casino has since opened its doors every day of the year, except on December 24th.

Pay and stay in other top-rated casino destinations in the sun-kissed wine growing fields of Salzburg. Such destinations include the Baden Bei Wien and Spielhalle Casino Mitterfelden. Do you want to try different games? The Spielhalle Casino Mitterfelden offers free lessons to residents every morning.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Any review of best casino destinations would be incomplete without Monte Carlo. The city is the essence of luxury and style. Its casinos are the exact opposite of the country’s population and square footage; they are humongous. Thousands of tourist gather in the city to experience its next-level gaming in the Monte Carlo casinos.

The French architect, Charles Garnier, of the 19th century, built the Monte Carlo Casino. He is also the brains behind the majestic Paris Opera. The building alone will invoke a strong emotional connection from the moment you lay your eyes on it. Its Boucher style, sculptures, and caryatids are unmatched anywhere in the world. The inside lives up to the casino’s reputation by presenting the kind of futuristic décor you only find in Sci-Fi movies.

Play classic slots (Keno, Starburst, Harley Davidson, and Wheel of Gold) and American games (blackjack, roulette, and craps). Also, check out other casino destinations in Monte Carlo like the La Rascasse, Monte-Carlo Bay, and Sun Casino. The grand arrival welcome you receive at the hotel casinos will have you extending your stay. The interiors are incredibly luxurious with towering ceilings and splendid chandeliers. Devote any time you spend outside the casinos appreciating the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.


Visit any of our top-rated casino destinations and share your experience with us. We cannot guarantee that you’ll win every bet, but you’ll enjoy every moment.

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