The Importance of Seeking Help for Gambling Addiction

Gambling can move from a harmless and fun diversion to a risky obsession that have serious side effects. It does not matter the kind of platform you bet on, a gambling addiction can interfere with your work, strain your relationship and even lead to financial problems. That is one of the major reasons why it is important to seek help for a gambling addiction. Even though it might appear as if it is nearly impossible, there are so many things you can do to fix your gambling addiction and get your life back on track.

The Difference between Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling

Gambling addiction Gambling addiction is also referred to as a gambling disorder, compulsive gambling, and pathological gambling. It is basically an impulse control disorder. For a compulsive gambler, it is nearly impossible to control the impulse to gamble. They will always gamble regardless of the situation they might be in. it is also very possible to have a gambling addiction without being entirely out of control. Any gambling behavior that tends to interfere with your normal way of life is what is referred to as problem gambling. If you are so deep into gambling, spending money, and time on it, despite the huge consequences it has given you, then you definitely have a gambling problem.

In most cases, gambling addiction is usually linked with other mood disorders or behaviors. Many addicted gamblers also suffer from problems related to substance abuse, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and even stress. You will not be able to overcome your gambling addiction if you do not address some of the mentioned problems. But that can only be possible if you begin by separating the facts from the myths connected to gambling addiction.

Problems that are caused by addictive gambling are not only related to finances. As noted, there is too much spent here. This can lead to legal and relationship problems. They can also lead to job loss and major mental problems such as anxiety and depression. So it is important to have this problem fixed as soon as possible.

Signs that you Need Help

Hideous illness is another title that is used to refer to gambling addiction. This name is used on gambling addiction due to the fact there are no physical symptoms and signs like it are present in alcohol and drug addiction.

gambling addiction counsellingThey are always secretive about the whole activity – You know you have a major gambling problem when you feel the urge not to let others know about it. At times, they might bet while hiding and not telling the truth about how much they gamble. All these times, you are convinced that others will not understand the feeling or you would surprise them with a huge winning. This is one of the leading signs that you have a major problem to fix.

A problem when it comes to controlling your gambling – Can you walk away once you have begun gambling? If you are compelled to continue gambling until you have spent your last coin, then it is important to seek help with your gambling addiction. Such gamblers will always up their bets so that they can be able to win back all their lost money.

Gambling even when you do not have money – When you are addicted to gambling, you may gamble until your last dollar is spent. Once that has happened, you will now move to money that you do not actually own. This is money to pay bills or even credit cards. When the addiction gets stronger, you will definitely be prompted to borrow, or even steal and sell things so as just to have the gambling money. This is an addiction that you will need to seek assistance.

When friends and family are too much worried about you – If there is one thing that keeps gambling addiction going, then it has to be denial. Listen to family and friends carefully when they have expressed their worry. It is usually not a sign of weakness to ask for assistance.

Overcoming the Addiction

Overcoming the AddictionOne of the major steps to overcoming a gambling addiction is accepting that there is a problem that you need to fix. It would take an act of tremendous courage and strength to own up to this, particularly if you have lost huge sums of money, ruined relationships, or strained the wrong way. While it might be nearly impossible to do it alone, you should not despair along the way. There are several people who have been in similar situations, but have been able to break the habit and build back their lives. It is also possible on your side.

You can relieve the unpleasant feelings in a better way

To some, gambling might be the only way to self-soothe the kind of unpleasant emotions, socialize, or even unwind. This is the case for those who usually gamble when bored or alone. However, there are more effective and healthier ways of managing your moods and getting rid of any kind of boredom that might have engulfed you. You can try other activities such as spending time with friends or family members who do not gamble. Exercising or taking up new tasks might also be other ways of relieving the unpleasant feeling.

Find ways of strengthening your support network

It is not easy to fight any kind of addiction without support. Therefore, it would always be important to reach out to relatives and friends. If you have a limited network, then there are ways of making new friends without having to go to the gambling casinos. You can get in touch with colleagues at work and create a bond. You can also think of joining a book club or enrolling for a new education class.

Substance abuse, stress, anxiety, and depression can both trigger problems that are connected to gambling, and even be made worse by compulsive gambling. This problem will still persist even if your gambling is no longer in your system. Therefore, it would be important to have them addressed before they wreck up your life.

Solving the Gambling Problem All For Once

To problem gamblers, quitting gambling is not the biggest problem here, but finding the best way to stay in the recovery. They struggle with finding ways of staying away from the whole activity. It is very hard for recovering gambling addicts from staying away from relapse because of the internet. Bookmarkers and online casinos operate on a daily basis, and it becomes so easy to access these sites even from a smart phone.

It is still possible to maintain, recover from gambling addiction despite the situation that has been created by the internet. The best thing to do is to control yourself with persons you are accountable. The other trick is to stay away from environments that are tempting. You will also fight this if you give up control of your finances. There are a number of healthier activities that would replace addictive gambling in your life.

Feeling the urge to hit the betting buttons will be hard to control. However, as you build healthier choices and a stable support network, it will be easier to resist gambling addiction. Each time the gambling addiction strikes again, you can try the following

  • Just postpone gambling
  • Avoid isolation
  • Engage yourself in another activity
  • Just think of what will happen if you submit yourself to the urge of gambling

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