Top Five Startups That Are Changing the World

Every year, there are more and more startups coming into the marketplace. Most have the goal of being the one company to change the world. However, not all startups will be able to achieve this feat. It demands and requires more than just a bright idea.

Every few years, though, there will be a startup that completely revolutionizes and disrupts its industry of choice. It will elicit interest from the public and investors alike. Some startups appeared on the scene and completely changed their industries. They include Facebook in 2004 and Uber in 2009.

This year, there are some startups that have brought out a lot of reaction based on their products. They have the best chance to achieve what few others before them have been able to.

Here are five of these startups.

1. change:WATER Labs

change:WATER LabsAll over the world, more than 2.6 billion people do not have access to working toilets. This means that the only way to dispose of refuse is to dump and/or haul it somewhere. These choices are dangerous for the health of a population. They are also unsanitary. This could lead to problems that could become more serious. It can also lead to higher costs of cleaning up the environment and removing raw waste.

In this situation, women, both young and old, are the most affected. There is an increased chance of a female being sexually assaulted while she searches for a public facility to use. According to statistics, this is true for 50 percent of the females who live in areas where they don’t have toilets in their homes. The likelihood of dropping out of school is also higher.

change:WATER Labs has come up with a solution for this. Based in the United States, this startup is all about providing safe sanitation, especially for those who are not able to access it. The startup makes affordable portable toilets that evaporate 95 percent of the waste. This has been made possible by using a membrane that facilitates the evaporation without utilizing any type of energy.

Through this technology, homes can have working toilets that do not require any power or plumbing. change:WATER Labs is giving people with no sanitation facility a chance to enjoy life with the dignity they deserve. At the same time, the company’s toilets are reducing the health risks that can arise from open waste.

2. Brandless

Brandless is a relatively new entrant to the e-commerce space. Brandless runs on the idea that most people are not as brand conscious as they think they are. Therefore, no item sold on the site has a name-brand tag on it. This allows the consumer to save the money he or she would have spent on an item with a brand.

Another interesting thing about this company is it provides all the products on its website at a very low price. Every item found on the website costs $3. That means you do not have to check for or confirm the price of any item.

Visitors to the site can find all kinds of products. Some of the items that a person can find on the site include kitchenware and food. It even sells office supplies. When it comes to payment methods, the website supports several payment methods. It also gives the customer the option of paying for shipping with each purchase. The startup has a membership program where a buyer pays a yearly membership fee of $38. And, then, he or she can enjoy free shipping.

3. BraiBook

BraibookAccording to BraiBook, more than 80 percent of people within the visually impaired community are illiterate. That means they cannot read or write. Also, according to its statistics, eight out of 10 visually impaired children do not go to school. The reason is they do not have adequate materials.

Accessing books in Braille in the current environment can be quite a task. They are scarce. When they are accessible, however, they tend to be more expensive than those who need them can afford. This leads to visually impaired individuals missing out on what others consider to be normal everyday activities.

BraiBook has come up with a solution to this problem. BraiBook is the world’s first e-reader designed to help the visually impaired who cannot access Braille materials. This portable device makes it possible to store and translate regular books into Braille.

BraiBook wants to increase the number of visually impaired people with access to Braille materials. It also wants to increase the number of visually impaired children who should be able to receive an education. Through BraiBook, the reader gets access to more than 4,000 texts for the cost of a single Braille book.

4. Acorn

Spare change is one of those things many of us do not pay much attention to. We visit stores and either leave the spare change in the console or in coin jars. Sometimes, we just leave it laying around the car and/or the house. Often, we do not give these coins a second thought.

Acorn has a solution. Founded in 2012, the company allows a person to put his or her spare change to good use. It wants you to invest in the more than 7,000 stocks and bonds that are on its website. In this way, it teaches you how to invest your money better.

You are also able to choose how much you would like to put into your Acorn account. The amount could be anywhere from $5 to $50,000.

The company has grown exponentially. It currently boasts that it has more than 2 million customers from all over the globe.

5. Modern Fertility

Modern FertilityMore and more women are choosing to have children later in life. This decision is usually made for several reasons, one of which is they want to pursue a career first. With a delay in childbirth comes fertility problems. However, this is not the only reason a woman may seek the services of a fertility facility. Some also face fertility problems earlier in life.

Taking fertility tests is a time-consuming procedure. Not only does it take a lot of time to perform, but the woman must return for a follow-up. And, sometimes, the facilities are not always accessible to everyone.

Founded by two women from Silicon Valley, Modern Fertility is a health-care startup that provides high-quality test services. A woman can have the test conducted in the privacy of her own home. The company then mails the results to you.

Modern Fertility provides health-care services to women who are trying to balance having a family with having a busy career. It has changed the way people approach health care and puts more emphasis on the person undergoing the process. This has the potential to drastically disrupt the way people approach health care.

The excitement this startup elicited in the market is evident by the number of orders it received after it started. Modern Fertility was able to see more than $70,000 in fulfilled fertility services in the first week of its launch.

It was also voted among the top startups during the Y Combinator Summer 2017.


It is hard to say right now how much of an impact these startups will have on their industries. However, whatever that impact is, it is certain to be disruptive.

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