india goa billion potential

Recent forecast reveals, within a few years, Delta Corp Limited, India’s only gambling company, has the potential to make a billion dollars from the gaming industry.

A Lucrative Future Ahead

A gaming analyst has made quite a strong prediction for the gaming operator, Delta Corp.’s Grant Govertsen strongly suggests a buy rating for the operator. It’s expected Delta Corp’s revenue will shoot up 34 percent on top of its potential gaming expansion in India. It’s set to become more and more welcome, and there have been strong improvements made to the company’s infrastructure.

“Delta is India’s premier gaming operator with a dominant position in the country’s number one destination Goa (riverboat casinos),” Govertsen said. It’s “taking the lead presence in India’s iGaming sector, with a great deal of opportunities to transform India’s top casino market and regional powerhouse.”

Once the casinos open on land, Goa will be set to become a gambling market that will be worth $1 billion.

“It is a telegraphed maneuver to operations on land in Goa that will provide the highest levels of growth in the out years. We expect an announcement from the government at the beginning of this year,” Govertsen said.

A Smooth Transition

With Delta Corp looking to transition Goa from river-based casinos to casinos on land, Union Gaming is very certain the company has absolutely nothing to worry about and will achieve success. While the government for Goa has been working hard to place floating casinos in locations that would only be used for the short-term, there have been some suggested locations that have never worked because the idea has not received much support.

It was probably fortuitous that a new home on the water did not go as planned. Last month, Delta Corp revealed a 57 percent growth from its third fiscal quarter, according to the website calvinayre. The company is up to Rs1.62 or U.S. $25.3 million. Anil Malani, Delta Corp. CEO, said last December that the company will certainly have a lot of work to look forward to as it makes the giant leap from river casinos to land-based gambling facilities. He told that the floating casinos were “completely strained for capacity.”

Further Plans for Goa

A gaming license is also in the works for Delta Corp. Once the license is obtained, Delta will become the first company to have a gaming presence in the three Indian territories were gambling is legal.

“Upon the gaming licenses’ arrival in Daman, Delta Corp will be the only company with a location within each of the legal Indian gaming jurisdictions,” Union Gaming stated. The company also believes its luck will continue to improve because high-quality entertainment is in demand. With this milestone a first for the country, it only helps to move the nation toward success.

“The introduction of the country’s first true integrated resort should result in expansive growth in gaming revenue given significant pent-up demand for high-quality gaming/entertainment experience,” Govertsen said.

The optimistic forecast goes even further. Union Gaming sees even more growth and expansion for Delta in the coming years. In addition to a 34 percent fiscal growth in revenue this year, Union Gaming also predicts there will be a “20 percent growth over the subsequent two years,” according to The company also forecasts it will see a surge in growth over 64 percent, 37 percent, and 29 percent, between now and 2020.

“We expect Goa to quickly become a U.S. $1 billion market as it transitions to land-based casinos, which is still just a fraction of India’s total GGR potential of US$10 billion to U.S. $17 billion.”

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