Walker County Sheriff Says He is determined to Enact Gambling Laws Weather Popular or Not

Nick Smith, the Walker County sheriff, has given his stance on the ongoing crackdown on illegal gambling. He has stated that his office will not stop enforcing the gambling laws whether laws. It does not matter whether they are famous or not.

The Ongoing Crackdown on Illegal Gambling

In Walker County, the recent crackdown on unlawful gambling practices is slowly becoming a street-front problem. Smith stated that it is the responsibility of the law enforcement agencies to make laws regarding the issue of gambling. He said these on Monday. The other responsibility of law enforcement is to make a definitive and decisive statement on the subject. Smith added that he would come up with ways that can amicably solve these matters.

Illegal Gambling Is a Crime, Just Like the Others

illegal gambling crimeJust as the name suggests, illegal gambling is unlawful. The office of the sheriff of Walker County will continue to understand and enforce laws put in place. Illegal gambling is not equal to violent crimes in the main scheme of criminal activities. It is also not comparable to sexual nature crimes or those against a property. However, despite all that, illegal gambling is still a crime. The enforcement of the law does not take away from the implementation of any other laws. Just as thieves and murderers are apprehended, so will the law apply to illegal gambling perpetrators.

The Previous Crackdowns

Just last month, the deputies of the sheriff seized forty electronic bingo machines from a Jasper business. This attracted lots of praise from the attorney general of Alabama, Steve Marshall. In Alabama, coin slot machines and electronic bingo are illegal. The supreme court of the city has ruled that the activities are illegal and unlawful. In a Supreme Court ruling of 31 March 2016, the law will apply to all the illegal gambling activities.

The Strong Stand on Walker County Gambling Laws

The Toothless LawOn Monday, Smith told off his critics in the war against illegal gambling. He pointed out that he was not elected to listen to certain opinions as opposed to others. The law will equally apply to all, regardless of their views or lack of it thereof. He warned those who are operating the illegal gambling structures of the dire consequences. Their operations will risk being shut down.

Striking the Whip Further

Apart from that, the county office will also confiscate all the illegal proceeds that they have made. The authorities will also seize the machines. Above all, the perpetrators will be arrested and prosecuted in a court of law. The office of the Sheriff will continue doing.

Relaying Vital Information Regarding Gambling

Apart from giving the perpetrators a stern warning, Smith also took the time to enlighten his people. He shared some insights on the illegal gambling laws working within the county. He believes that the residents of Walker Country need an Office of the Sheriff that will look up to all their issues. That is why he takes time to enlighten them on important issues that affect the communities.

The Legal Gambling Entities

It is only the Games of skill and Paper bingo that are legal in Walker County. A game of skill is a game that would need the player to enter any skill apart from placing in coins and pressing the buttons.

The Illegal Gaming Entities

The office of the Walker County’s Sheriff has banned the electronic bingo, chance, and lotteries. In addition to that, not all the games are allowed to pay out in cash or any redeemable item for. All the prizes awarded for the games of skill must possess a monetary value that is less than $5.

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