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If you’ll be vacationing in Vegas soon, it’s important to know which technological advances you’ll encounter once you get there. Las Vegas is known for its spectacular live shows and elaborate casinos, but there are also several other gaming attractions . Sports betting and gambling are also becoming more innovative, so Vegas trip could be even more fun and exciting than previous vacations.

Learning about new casinos and systems to look out for in 2018 will help you to plan your trip accordingly. You’ll also learn about games and activities that make gambling more enjoyable.

Sports-Betting Apps

sports betting appWhen it comes to sports betting, it’s safe to assume most of the betting will occur online. There are facilities in Vegas where you can meet with other sports bettors or see the results of your bet. But, there’s a good chance you can place your bets on your smartphone or computer in real time. There are also apps for many of the sportsbooks and casinos in Las Vegas, so you can simply download the app and get notifications when there is a new game for you to be on. The app can also let you know the progress of your bet(s) and provide information that can assist you in placing your next profitable bet. According to Sports Analytics Simulator, 40 percent of sports bets in Vegas will happen via phone apps soon. Sportsbook operators prefer casino bettors and this likely won’t change anytime soon. They will permit outside action if it increases their handle. So, if you want to use the app in the festive atmosphere of the casino or betting center or want to try both live and online betting, Vegas is the place to do it.

It’s also important to note major tech companies will take on the role of bookmakers beginning in 2018 . The landscape of gambling and sports betting is changing, which means that digital applications will be used to place your bets and keep up with your wagers and progress. Notable companies, such as Microsoft and Google, are following the sports-betting laws, which is a pretty good indication the landscape of betting is about to change. There will likely be a sports-betting network that will allow people from all over the world to use the same network. And, there’s a good chance these people may meet in Vegas often. However, experts say it will take a few more years for this to happen.

It is also predicted that sports leagues will directly profit from legal sports betting. League officials have already been meeting with top gaming companies to discuss the possibility of shared profits. Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, has shown his support for legal betting and said he is willing to work with companies that operate through legal loopholes. The NFL has even permitted the Oakland Raiders to move their stadium to Vegas in the next couple of years, which will likely increase sports betting in the area, both live and virtual.

3-D Slots

3d slotsWhen you play online gambling games that have a 3-D feature, you’ll feel like you’re at the casino. This makes the game more exciting and may increase the chances you’ll play virtually with other betters to make the game more entertaining.

As you probably know, slot games are very popular among online gamblers, and there are even some virtual casinos that only offer slot games. If you play in these types of casinos often, 3-D slots could make this basic game of luck seem much more interesting. Enhanced graphics and designs that stand out are part of what give the slots visual appeal. 3-D slots can also make it easier for you to see the symbols on the slots to know if you got a jackpot and feeling like you’re pulling the lever could make you more inclined to play again.

Some of the best 3-D slot games to choose from right now include Johnny the Octopus and Turning Totems since it’s easy to see all their intricate details. Turning Totems even have elaborate totem poles that rotate, which immediately grabs your attention. Bright colors and artistic elements that make the slot machines look like the real thing are a result of advanced technology from companies, such as BetSoft, Thunderkick, and NetEnt, which are known for adding functional and aesthetic elements to games that keep gamers coming back. It has also been predicted in the next few years, all online slot games will eventually be 3-D.

Facial and Voice Recognition

facial recognitionFacial recognition and 3-D scanning give systems the ability to create your facial likeness in the world of gaming. This allows you to create an avatar that looks like you, which makes for more interactive gaming. Facial recognition also lets you transfer your natural facial expressions to various aspects of the digital games you play. This is a fascinating feature that is often used in video games, but it’s making its way into online casino-style games, too. Devices, such as the Intel RealSense 3-D camera, help developers create gaming experiences that adapt to your emotions while you’re planning. There are 78 points on the human face that are examined, so if the system sees you grimace when you’re learning the rules of the game, it will  believe you think the game is difficult. This indicates it may be best to try to perfect your poker face, even if you’re playing online and have other virtual opponents.

When you don’t want to use the controller, you can use voice recognition for gaming. Your computer will recognize your voice commands, so you can roll the dice, play your hand or bet on your favorite teams without having to lift a finger. You can even turn your console on and off using voice recognition and interact with other gamers on social media with this new feature. So, if you like playing card games online alone or with other virtual players, this new technology can make betting even more fun.

Betting Features

uruguay online casinoThere are several gambling games that mimic the slot machines and other games you’ll find in Vegas casinos, and adding a virtual reality feature or graphics that will make the designs stand out are becoming more common. These days, gamers play at no charge. However, it is possible to buy some virtual objects to enhance the game and raise the stakes, and these virtual features are increasing. Technology experts don’t expect lots of people to play for actual money when playing casino-style games online. they do predict, however, the ones who do play for real cash will have high bets, which will make the games – and players – more valuable to gaming companies. Betable asserts that the lifetime value of a real-money player is about $1,800, which is the value of someone who plays casually. That is just $2 over a lifetime.

There are also apps that work to bring the casino to life for players, such as Big Fish Casino, which is available for iPhone users. Paul Thelen, the game’s chief executive and founder, , says the game started with a one-pence slot machine and has grown in popularity so much that some gamers place $50 per bet. On average, players get a revenue of more than $20 daily in real money; in virtual currency, this was only about 30 to 40 cents. Advances in technology allow you to safely bet real money and get an actual payout when you win.

Role Playing

role playingWhen it comes to betting games, you want to feel like you’re part of the action, even if you can’t be in the casino. Several games have an auction feature that provides prizes for the highest bidder as online gambling grows in popularity. Some states have mandated that only certain facilities can offer gambling and there can be online games at these establishments. Role-playing games, such as Diablo III, allow players to put loot they’ve found up for auction, and Blizzard allows gamers to participate in auctions where they get the profits from the loot. Many of the newer games that don’t have an overt casino premise have a gambling feel to them since players have to operate as a character within the game and will often be placed in situations where they must take big risks to win against their opponents.

Before you take advantage of the new features that technology has to offer when it comes to betting and casino games, there are some things to remember. Make sure the game has been certified for safety, and background checks on the game and the company that manufactures the game have been conducted. This will keep you from giving your money and personal information to scammers who will use these details to steal your identity.

When you wager online, make sure you can do so securely with your bank account or a major credit card. Make sure you can contact customer support for the game before you deposit any funds into the betting pool and take the tour or demo of the game so you can become familiar with the technology before you start playing against opponents.

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