How to Behave With Casino Dealers – Top Things Dealers Hate


If you are one of the millions of people who love to gamble, and regularly visit casinos, you know how important dealers are to the game. Dealers can either make or break your gaming experience. But, have you ever thought about how your behavior affects the dealers themselves? Client behavior is cited as one of the reasons dealers leave the gambling profession. So many games rely on a dealer, which means that, in part, your possible winnings are tied to the dealer as well. Here are some of the top pet peeves of casino dealers that you need to try to avoid if you want your dealer to like having you there.

Thinking You Will Win Games

This should be self-explanatory, but it isn’t. Casinos don’t exist to give their money away. Instead, casinos are in business to entertain you and take your money. You are not going to make any dealer happy if you come to the table with the expectation you are going to strike it rich on the first hand. Smart gamers are confident in their game playing skills, but they are humble. They also know if you win more hands than you lose, it’s because you’re a skilled player. Do not walk up to a table with stars in your eyes, unpracticed and unprepared, and expect to win.

Risking More Money than You Can Spare

Risking More Money than You Can Spare

Despite what you see in the movies, no dealer likes to watch someone burn through his or her rent money, then get angry because he or she lost it. Dealers also don’t like to watch you go back and forth to the ATM while saying you can’t afford to take money out. Dealers don’t like to deal with gamblers who are chasing their losses because it tends to make people upset when they lose their last penny. They become so upset they might want to take out their anger and frustration on the dealer. That is a good way to upset that dealer, the other dealers on the floor and get yourself banned from the casino.

The Alcohol Rules

The Alcohol Rules

The first rule is don’t pay for your drinks. If you do, the dealer will know you are a novice. Dealers, in general, like playing with people who have a few hands under their belt because, otherwise, they may have to try to teach them the game. Dealers are allowed to make coaching suggestions in the casino, such as “I believe it’s your turn to ante, sir (ma’am),” but, that is all they can do. They have other players to get to. The only other reason you would pay for your drinks at a casino is if you are trying to show you’re a big shot who is throwing his or her money around. Dealers don’t like a show-off.

Let’s talk for a minute about drink etiquette. Do not, under any circumstances, spill your drink on the gaming table. It demonstrates you are an idiot because nearly all tables have drink holders built in to prevent this sort of thing from happening. If you do spill your drink all over the table, your dealer is then forced to close the table, cancel that particular game, and everyone at your table then has to move to a new one. If you are the kind of gambler who believes in streaks, you are not going to be thrilled to move, just like the dealer is not going to enjoy picking up an entire game and moving it to a new table.

Etiquette—It’s Important

Casino EtiquetteThere are several important etiquette rules you need to consider when playing with dealers. First, do not forget to tip your waitress who has been bringing you drinks all night. She makes next to nothing in hourly wages. The waitresses and the dealers are often friends, so if you are being a cheapskate, it is not going to make the dealer look at you favorably. In addition, don’t forget to tip your dealer as well. It is expected that your dealer receives tips during the course of play. Dealers at most casinos usually pool their tips and then split them evenly. It is the custom to throw in a chip for them every now and then. So, don’t forget, because again, the expectation is courtesy gets paid to the dealer unless you want to look like a cheapskate.

Additional Etiquette

There are also several pieces of player etiquette you need to observe to minimize distractions and keep your dealer happy.

  • Don’t celebrate your wins when everyone else is losing. It is bad form and results in your dealer, as well as the rest of the table, actively hating you. Of course, you can take a second to be happy, but move on.
  • Do not take forever to decide how much you are going to bet. It is the dealer’s role to keep the game moving, and you are holding up the game. Know ahead of time how much you’re going to bet, and lay it down. Do not spend 10 minutes debating the merits of a $20 raise. Either bet or fold.
  • After you win a huge pot in poker, do not immediately leave the table. While you can be happy, stay on the table for a couple more hands, bet the minimum, then quietly collect your chips and leave. No one likes a gamer who wins big and then folds up his or her tent to go cash out. In addition, people who quickly leave a game forget to tip the dealer, which is a no-no.
  • If someone is playing at the table, and, suddenly, drops dead of a heart attack, do not ever, ever, EVER touch his or her chips. Ever. By touching someone else’s chips, you make the dealer have to be a referee, which is not his or her job. You also get the reputation at the casino as a cheater, and no dealer wants to have a cheater at his or her table.
  • Do not try and take your chips before everyone at the table is paid out. Dealers are trained to pay locations at the table in turn, and if you try and take your haul, you are seen as a poor player, and possibly, again, a cheater, which wins you no friends among dealers.
  • Do not approach the table with a group of friends like it’s a frat party on game night. While dealers enjoy a happy and celebratory table, because it means people are having fun and they will get more tips, what they do not enjoy is a table full of drunken bores. Don’t be that guy or gal.
  • Do not take pictures of dealers. They do not appreciate that, and it violates casino security.
  • Do not berate a dealer because you got a bad hand. This is a good way to get yourself booted out of the casino. If you bet poorly or got a bad hand, it is not the dealer’s fault. And, if you are a jerk and you happen to show up at that table the next time you’re gaming, don’t think the dealer has forgotten you. He or she hasn’t.

If you keep all these dealer pet peeves in mind, you will have a much better relationship with your dealer and a much more satisfying game overall.

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